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Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Infant School

September 22nd 2017


Star Certificates:

RB: Samyuktha V for working hard to learn and use her letter sounds in both her writing and reading. 
RL:   Iyla K for trying hard to blend her new sounds when reading words she does not know.
RT: Gurpreet L – Super effort with phonics 
1A: William P for excellent descriptive writing about Jack and the Beanstalk.
1R: Tanvi K for settling in so well to her new school and being kind to everyone 
2B: Yusuf S for making lots of new friends in school and working hard in lessons.
2W: Koji W- for excellent question writing and using question marks correctly. 


School Squirrel:

RB: Sammy A – for always being so polite and using his good manners to all adults in school 
RL: Benjamin B for trying hard to help his friends during circle times.
RT: Matilda C – Being polite to her classmates & sharing super ‘senses’ idea 
1A: Grace N – for speaking out in Mrs Bruce’s assembly and trying hard in our class storytelling session.
1R: Taha H – for his excellent writing 
2B: Isabella D for always being a happy and cheerful girl in the class, a real pleasure to teach!
2W: Archie M – for settling in to life in Year 2 so well and being so sensible with his bag.

 Well done to Orsen S for achieving his Level 3 in Swimming.


Achievement Assembly – Junior School Assembly   

September 22nd 2017


It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, poet and playwright.




The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music:
Evan A Y           Grade 2 Violin with merit
William H         Grade 3 Piano with distinction


Sailing & Triathlon
Congratulations to Phoebe F who has completed Stages 1-4 of the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme and for her recent triathlon achievements.


On Thursday 14th September, William H and Shuban Y in Year 6 went to Fairfields Prep School to take part in the regional semi final of the Junior Language Challenge, having got through the first round (French) and having spent the summer learning a new language independently – Japanese!

It was a fun and exciting day with both boys reaching the regional final on the day.  The final result was that William H came first in the regional final and Shuban Y came 6th.  William will be going to the national final in London on Friday 13th October and has three weeks to learn the new and final language which is Zulu!


Student of the Week

Alfie A 6H – for always being helpful and thoughtful and tidying up after his class

4W-James S for being so conscientious in all that he does

Milo W in 6H – For being kind and caring to a member of Year 3 one lunchtime this week.

5A and 5S for engaging fully with the Cranedale experience and overcoming personal challenges along the way


Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Infant School    

September 15th 2017


Star Certificates:

RB: Heshaam H – for sharing his super knowledge of naming the bones in our bodies. 
RL: Max G – A great start to Reception, Max is a keen learner who is trying hard in class. 
RT: Kiyaan B – super phonics/reading effort & writing his name  
1A: Bachan S – super neat handwriting
1R: Louis G For returning to school with a brilliant attitude to his learning. 
2B: Oliver G for settling in to 2B and trying his best in lessons this week.
2W: Isobel H for her hard work in every lesson and always trying her best. 



School Squirrel:

RB: Emily G – for settling in so well and having a great first week in school. 
RL: Charlotte T- A great first week! Charlotte is always ready to learn and have fun.
RT: Esme R – settling in so well & helping her new classmates 
1A: Yash H – for his great attitude to work and play
1R: Anoushka S-P for settling in beautifully to Year 1 and trying her best all the time.
2B: Vijay V for working hard in lessons and making lots of new friends. 
2W: Bobby O for being so kind and helpful to the new members of the class


Sophie B 2B Level 8 Gymnastics proficiency award and DLL tennis player of the week


Achievement Assembly – Junior School Assembly   

September 15th 2017

Do not learn how to react, learn how to respond.



The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music:
Sarah L – Grade 1 Flute with Distinction
Ben F – Grade 1 Cello with Merit
Charles D – Grade 1 Piano with Merit
Shuban Y – Grade 2 Cello with Distinction



Students of the Week

James G 4W for being super helpful, kind, honest and organised.

Om K 4B for being an amazing listener and giving a 100% effort in all lessons!

Panache S in 4B for excellent participation in Music and singing out with confidence!

Yusuf B 6H – demonstrating excellent initiative by researching into a famous scientist and producing a power point presentation

Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies – 30th June 2017

Infant School Achievement Assembly   

Friday, June 30th 2017




Star Certificates:

RB: Yousef A for being very knowledgeable and interested at White Post Farm 
RF: Hollie B for fantastic listening at White Post Farm.
1A: Michael W for being a ‘Maths Magician’ with his quick thinking Mental Maths skills 
1R: Zev D for being self-motivated and driven in maths this week.
2B: Oskar A for his continued positive attitude and for always telling me lovely things! 
2W: William F for working really hard in maths and for super vertical addition work.



School Squirrel:

RB: Gurshaan B for always being ‘super’ helpful in the classroom 
RF: Bachan S for always having a smile and being a super member of the class.
1A: Ammar S for his improved concentration and his sensible settling down to his independent work tasks. 
1R: Aaron P for remembering so many interesting facts about The Titanic.
2B: Rohan S for his polite and beautiful manners and always trying his best at school. 
2W: Tarun B for being so positive and sensible during his visit to Year 3 for transition.


Achievement Assembly – Junior School Assembly   

Friday, June 30th  2017

The surest way to be happy, is to seek happiness for others.

Martin Luther King Jr.


NHIJS U11A 114 for 5 off 19 overs v Jesse Gray 113 for 3 off 20 overs


As close encounters go, this finale to our season was one to test the nerves of our appreciative parental audience at Valley Rd. The teams were evenly-matched throughout the 2 innings and the result could have swung either way up until the delivery of the final ball.

Having won the toss and elected to bat, Jesse Gray’s opening batsmen proceeded to deliver a technical master class on how to capitalise upon what can only be described as ‘sleepy’ fielding, courtesy of the after-effects of the Y6 drama performance the previous evening. As their opener galloped towards his retirement on 50, our bowlers were continually thwarted in their elusive search for his wicket yet, despite their frustrations, and to their credit, they all continued to bowl tidily and accurately.

The pick of our bowlers were Ashley H on 1-11 off 3 overs and Krrish M with 1-21 off 4. The electric pace of Tom C and Arnav S also caused perpetual problems for the opposition but, thanks to Noah B’s agility as a keeper, we conceded only 4 byes and this aspect proved to be one of the crucial factors in the final result, since the opposition conceded 11.

Pupil discussions on the bus journey to Valley Road had been peppered with trepidation regarding the pace of the opposition’s opening bowlers, since club and county rivalries were also on show. Knowing that we had also lost two players to be ball boys at the Nottingham Tennis tournament, our confidence had certainly taken a knock and only the most optimistic amongst us rated our chances of victory. Carpe diem; Noah B had other ideas and he emphatically began to produce a master class all of his own. Through his power and prowess, he hit 8x 4’s that had the fielders scampering to the boundary each time he was on strike.

He was more than ably supported by Ashley H and latterly by Tom C, both of whom added boundaries of their own and refused to be rattled by the ferocity of the bowling. Intelligently increasing the run rate, and checking what was required after each over, we looked to be assuming control as we sensed that victory was within our grasp. However, with Noah B having retired on a magnificent score of 53, Tom C unfortunately being given out lbw and both Arnav S and Zain K closing their wickets, nerves began to jangle so it was left to Naveen B and Rayan M to calmly steer us home with an over to spare.

The match was played in a wonderful spirit of friendly rivalry and camaraderie; Jesse Gray pupils were respectful and polite and we thank them for their contribution to this thrilling afternoon of cricket. After this third successive victory for the U11A’s, one of the most pleasing aspects has been the visible progress made by all players in terms of reading the game and responding positively to trials and tribulations within it. A lesson for life and for their future cricketing careers.

House Cricket

Year 4 Cricket

1st – Trease’s

2nd – Tonkin’s

3rd – Hardy’s

4th – Ball’s


House Rounders

Year 3 Rounders
1st – Hardy’s
2nd – Tonkin’s
3rd – Trease’s
4th – Ball’s


Congratulations to Ben F for completing the 25 miles Robin Hood Bike Ride.





Well done to Ethan C who has been awarded his end of year trophy from his team, Sherwood FC U9 Cyan, together with the Manager’s Award for 2016-2017.



ESSA Primary School National Finals – On a very hot summer’s day in June, Joshua L, Luca V, Phoebe F and Taylor B travelled North to the International Sports Centre at Ponds Forge in Sheffield to participate in the National finals for ESSA Primary Schools. We had gained a place in the national finals after a super performance at the East Midlands regional round in Louth. The children had all trained hard and were looking forward to a great experience in the Olympic sized pool. Each event had 24 teams from all over the country. Our first event was the freestyle relay where we swam so hard and nearly all the team broke personal best times. The team’s personal best time was improved by two seconds and they completed the 4x25m relay in 1.05.76. We came 7th on our heat and 19th nationally.

Our second event was the medley relay. The team swam superbly with everyone achieving new personal best times. The overall team time again was a team best time of 1.18.55 which put us in 21st position nationally.

As always, the competition on the day was phenomenal. The team were a credit to themselves and the school and should be very proud of their achievements. It was a super day during which we also had the opportunity to watch some amazing diving in the Olympic training diving pool (which we also got to swim in) and it was inspiring watching the para swimmers too. Well done everyone and keep up the good work.

Summer Fair/Dragon’s Den
In appreciation from Friends for their valuable contribution to the Year 6 Dragon’s Den at the NHIJS Summer Fair, the Certificates are awarded to Rayan K, Vuyo M, Ishan F, Matthew G, Ujesh S, Saahat S, Gabe E, Fraser D, Sarah W,      Zain K, Rayan M, William W, Dean S, Tom C, Zayan B and Navenn B.

Whitby Residential
Following a very successful trip, Heritage pencils are awarded for:

Tidiest Rooms all Week: Ishan F, Ujesh S, Arnav S and Jacob C.
Most Sensible Room all Week: Robert G, Jack D and Ashley H.
All Round Enthusiasm: Jake G, Rohan K and Toyan G.
For Trying Hard: Zain K – for trying hard to get on with everyone and Pranav B – for trying hard at meal times, using good table manners.

Chemistry Trial at the Senior School

4W were lucky enough to take part in a trial set up by the Chemistry Department at the Senior School. The children were very well behaved and used excellent scientific skills to determine who the suspect of a crime was. It was a class competition and 4 children received medals for their excellent scientific work. They are Adit, Saketh, Myal and Euan. A particular mention, made  by the senior school staff, was to Anna and Nicole who worked very well and they particularly impressed with their efforts. (see student of the week nominations below).

Students of the Week

Y6 during the Whitby Trip.  It gave many the chance to shine and gave some the opportunity to show that they can overcome anxieties, with a little encouragement and a positive mind set.

Anna R and Nicole B – for excellent listening skills and focused work in the Chemistry Sessions at the Senior School.

Nottingham High Infant and Junior School Achievement Assemblies – 23rd June 2017

Infant School Achievement Assembly   

June 23rd  2017


Star Certificates:

RB: Anoushka SP  for suggesting some good adjectives to help describe the ‘Gruffalo’ and Hollie B for her story about the ‘Gruffalo’. 
RF: The whole of RF for an amazing performance at their first sports day.
1A: Orson S – for his creative ideas and wonderful Titanic facts knowledge. Well done for working so hard! 


1R: William L for achieving 100% in his maths assessment.
2B: Aaron S for his super behaviour on our school trip to Beaumanor Hall 
2W: Tarun B for his excellent behaviour on our trip and making a brilliant shelter



School Squirrel:

RB: Grace N for having a good go at all the events and doing so well in her first sports day.
RF: Dawson C for trying so hard in literacy and maths all week.
1A: Sam P – for his outstanding good manners and his kindness shown to everyone around him 


1R: Kayode A for adding some really lovely detail to his writing this week.
2B: Dylan E for his ability to work really will in his team on Sports Day. 
2W: Evan A-Y for his brilliant Robin Hood costume on our visit to Beaumanor Hall.









Achievement Assembly – Junior School Assembly   

Friday, June 23rd  2017

When the weather is hot, keep a cool mind. When the weather is cool, keep a warm heart.

Ajahn Brahm, Buddhist Monk

 Year 5 House Cross Country
House cross country results:

1st – Phoebe F
2nd – Isaac W
3rd – Cholan S

1st Trease’s
2nd Ball’s
3rd Hardy’s
4th Tonkin’s

On Monday, the under 9 cricket team played a fixture against Ockbrook School which they won with some strong bowling and batting performances.




Sasmeet S was delighted to receive the Players’ Player award from his football team, West Bridgford Mustangs, at their recent end of season meet.


Students of the Week

The whole of Year 4 for two reasons:

  • How fabulous they were during the Year 4 residential to Derbyshire.
  • Their super performance last night at The Showcase – a HUGE WELL DONE!!


Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies – 16th June 2017

Infant School Achievement Assembly   

June 16th 2017


Star Certificates:

RB: Gurshaan B for working really hard at recognising our different coins and making different amounts of money. 
RF: Rosie H for working hard recognising different coins in money work this week.
1A: Rayan M for his super reading progress 


1R: Sam H for his improved patience when waiting for his turn to contribute ideas.
2B: Aarya S for being thoughtful towards others in the classroom. 
2W: Jaikar L for his hard work and excellent focus during the Year 2 assessments. 




School Squirrel:

RB: Johann S for being kind, caring and a good friend. 
RF: India GS for trying really hard with listening and following instructions.
1A: Ariyan G for always being so tidy and so very helpful in our classroom. 


1R: Alice D for her improved resilience in her learning.
2B: CJ S for his super hard work all week in school and improved focus in lessons. 
2W: George W for always trying his best and taking pride in his wor.k



Achievement Assembly – Junior School Assembly   

Friday, June 16th 2017


The U11 athletics team won at at their event yesterday at Mount St Mary’s with lots of individual winners namely:

Jake G 1st in 150m, Thomas B 1st in 600m, Zain K 1st in 75m, Arnav S 1st in the high jump, Joshua L winning the shot put, Callum D 2nd in the discus and Phoebe F winning the 600m

Brilliant results – Well done to all the team.

NHIJS U11A 109 for 5, off 18 overs v. Birkdale 106 all out, off 18 overs

NHIJS win by 5 wickets

At the end of play, parents privileged enough to witness this closely-matched, pulsating encounter with Birkdale were singing the pupils’ praises as they recalled the multitude of highlights from a wonderful afternoon of cricket.

Undaunted by the clash with the golf tournament, and the subsequent absence of a number of key players, those pupils participating simply saw it as an opportunity to further stake their claim for a place in future starting line-ups.

A confident Birkdale team batted strongly, scoring 10 boundaries and, after also finding a frighteningly large number of near-impossible singles, posted a highly impressive total of 106. Raw data, however, paints only a partial picture and this takes no account of the precision of our bowling, our teamwork in the field and the flashes of individual brilliance that illuminated both innings.

The mark of a good team is its ability to react positively to setbacks and thus it was heartening to witness this resilience across the board. Having taken a wicket off his second ball, Marcus S was then hit for 14 off his first over. Undeterred, he proceeded to bowl a maiden over and then took a flurry of 4 wickets off his final 5 deliveries! Similarly, Ashley H recovered quickly from a high-scoring first over to take 2 wickets off his next, including a ‘caught and bowled’. Facing some technically gifted batsmen, it was also pleasing to see the perseverance of Arnav S, Naveen B and Zain K rewarded with a wicket apiece. Luca V’s highly-polished performance as stand-in wicketkeeper was crucial in restricting the opposition’s tally; in the field, Rayan M and Thomas B’s focus was commendable whilst Jagpal S and Mohintan A enjoyed the opportunity to move up from the B’s.

When Marcus S elegantly edged 3 successive boundaries off the first 3 deliveries and Krrish M progressed swiftly to 5 runs, it seemed that their highly effective partnership would set the tone for the second innings but, with sport mirroring life, disaster was lurking around the corner and it struck when Krrish M was given out lbw to an innocuous delivery. Realising that our defences now needed bolstering, Ashley H and Naveen B battled intelligently to steady the ship and their partnership of 15 included 2 boundaries from the latter. With Luca V adding 10 to the total, we were mirroring Birkdale’s innings but we knew that at some juncture we would need to increase the run rate. Enter Arnav S! A glorious 6 off his first ball, followed by 2 boundaries and a succession of intelligently run singles with Luca V saw the tide shift in our favour. Requiring only 2 runs off the final 2 overs, Zain K wasted no time and sealed our victory with a well-judged boundary off his first ball.

Despite scoring only 70 runs to Birkdale’s 94, it was our accuracy in bowling that again proved the difference. Our 3 wides and 1 no ball, compared to the 8 wides and 11 no balls of the opposition tells its own story. An outstanding display of which all players can feel justifiably proud.

Mrs R Slater


We wish our swimmers (Joshua L, Luca V, Phoebe F and Taylor B) good luck when they participate in the ESSA (English Schools Swimming Association) National Finals at Ponds Forge, Sheffield tomorrow.



Students of the Week

Stuart H for his excellent shape poem about a Sunflower.

The whole of Year 6 for their outstanding performance of ‘Super Stan’