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Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies 12th January 2018

Infant School Achievement Assembly   

Friday, January 12th 2018

Star Certificates:

RB: Cathy D for excellent questioning during our Literacy session. 
RL: Benjamin B – trying hard to concentrate during carpet inputs.
RT: Simran L – Super question sentence ideas when interviewing Mrs Marson as a person who helps us all in school. 
1A: Amber R – fantastic writing about what she did in the holidays
1R: Gurshaan B for being a consistently excellent pupil and setting a brilliant example to the other children
2B: Rishi A for listening carefully to instructions during lessons, so he knows what to do. 
2W: Alice D for her hard work and perseverance with her Maths work





School Squirrel:

RB: Eisha H for having a caring attitude towards others in her class. 
RL: Kian F-B for showing kindness towards his friends in the first week back.
RT: Sebastian C – for being thoughtful and helpful when working in our weekly group task.
1A: Mani S – super work in maths lessons about position and direction and for trying really hard with presentation 
1R: Rosie H for her continued excellent attitude to her learning 
2B: Ayda M for working very hard in her Maths lesson learning to tell the time.
2W: Vusi M for his kindness and caring attitude to another member of the class 

Classes RB, RL & RT for super active listening and questioning skills when interviewing to explore their learning theme, ‘Superheroes – people who help us’.

Year 2 being a credit to the school because they came straight in, sat down, listened and got on with their chess session with Mr Williams.


Achievement Assembly – Junior School Assembly   

Friday, January 12th 2018

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.

J. B. Priestly


Honour Points
Hardy’s house have won the Honour Point Cup for the second half of the Autumn term.




Silver Awards for achieving 10 honour points: Ruben E, Panache S, James S, Alfie A, Lucas B, Dawood M, Max M, Umair N, Giles D-B, William H, Ethan W, Georgia A, Oliver D, Nevaan P, Om K, Shuban Y and Alex B




Bronze Awards for achieving honour 5 points: Aisha S, Cholan S, Muhammad M, Alisha K, Yuvraj N, Rhys N, CJ S, Ben F, Ethan L, Tam T, Malika J, Yasin R, James B, Omar A, Taylor B, Nicole B, Nico B, Farris H, George W, Zaviaar A, Tanish P, Max B, Joshua M, Ryan M, Chris M, Isa S-K, Maxwell C, James G, Adi J, Isaac P, Stuart H and Evan A-Y.







Congratulations to Shuban Y who has been invited by the ABRSM to perform in a High Scorers’ Concert in Nottingham on Saturday 10 February 2018.

Year 3 Music Project – ‘Performer of the Week’

Violinist Tanish P



Our A & B team (made up from a combination of Yr 5 and yr 6 players) competed in an U11 round robin festival on Wednesday. Both teams played two games and unfortunately results did not go our way, however it was a great opportunity to play an afternoon of football and learn to play as a team.



Cross Country

Our Cross Country team came first in the Nottingham City Cross Country Championships held at Wollaton Park on Jan 10th 2018.

5 of our runners qualified to compete in the County Championships to be held at the start of February.

Indiv. Charles P 1st, Isaac W 2nd, Phoebe F 2nd, Saketh C 7th. George T 9th.

Super performances from all competitors.


Students of the Week

Antoine B – for always thinking of others and taking care of his classmates – for example, on Wednesday Antoine stayed to help a fellow pupil who had slipped and fallen on a wet surface. Antoine frequently shows spontaneous acts of kindness and also is a good role model in helping to show others how to be kind to each other e.g. just before Christmas he shared his ‘Kindness Advent Calendar’ with 3C.

Charles P is to be commended for the resilient way he has coped with an injury sustained before the end of term.  He has been in pain and unable to take part in his regular sporting commitments until this week, but has carried on without moaning or making a fuss.

Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies 8th December 2018

Infant School Achievements

8th December 2017 


Star Certificates:

RB: Emily G for her super hard work in learning and delivering her lines in the Nativity Play. 
RL: Sukhveer M for his excellent role in the Nativity.
RT: Tony S for fantastic effort with ‘addition’ skills and tricky shape language. 
1A: Yousef A for super work in our RE lesson
1R: Gurshaan B for his consistently excellent behaviour, particularly on our trip to Bestwood Park 
2B: Vijay V- for being a super all-rounder in class
2W: William L- for his excellent Maths work and solving challenges 



School Squirrel:

RB: Komal L for her polite manners and helping her friends in the classroom. 
RL: Freddie M for excellent retelling of the Nativity.
RT: Gurpreet L – super singing and performance in the Nativity and always offering to help in class.
1A: William P – for great improvements in his focus and concentration 
1R: Tanvi K – for building her confidence and making new friends
2B: Sienna P – for her positive behaviour in all of our rehearsals. 
2W: Sahil G – for always being ready for lessons and organising himself independently.

In assembly today, due to internet problems, we could not share last week’s photos. Instead, we will show these to the children in next week’s assembly.












Junior School Achievements

8th December 2017

Honour Points
For month ending November 2017:

TONKIN’S 255.78
BALL’S 243.95
TREASE’S 214.2


Silver Awards for achieving 10 honour points: Roman E and Charles D



Bronze Awards for achieving honour 5 points: Yusuf B, Nikhil S, Alec S, Milo W, Adit G, Joshua P, Esme W, James S, Alfie A, Lucas B, Edward M, Dawood M, Finn R, Christopher E, Antoine B, Rohan S, Alex B, Antonia M, Kapil K, Saad J, Holly P, Nathan S, Sahibdeep T, Roman E, Ruben E, Panache S, Tarun B, Adam C, Charlie M, Alfie A, Phoebe F, William H, Ethan W, Ethan P, Charles P, Shuban Y, Henna Q, Fletcher P, Georgia A, Oscar A, Oliver D, Om K, Nihal S, William F, Vismay G, Jaikar L, Jonas M, Nevaan P, Thomas F, Sarah L, Chima A, Namit B, Harry E, Oliver H, Raman L, Myal A, Will M, Anna R, Arun S, George T, Aarush A, Charles D, Max M, Umair N, Hukam S, Giles D-B, Daniel R & Benjamin J



Year 3 Music Project – ‘Performers of the Week’

Violinist Vismay G
Trombonist Jonas M
Cellist George W
Trumpeter Thomas F
Flautist William F & Evan A-Y
Oboist Arjun J & Tarun B

 Science Quiz Semi finals
Shlok SB, Chima A, Euan D and Matthew M travelled to Solihull to represent the school at the semi finals. The team were in second and third position for much of the competition. The game changed at the end when the children didn’t score enough points in the 37th-40th question of the quiz (40 questions in total). Their point score was very close to the winners the whole way through the competition.  The children worked extremely well as a team and took their time to think about the questions and select their answers. I am really proud of their achievement – they are an asset to the school.

Notts FA Indoor 5-a-side – Our U11 five a side team narrowly lost out last night finishing joint 2nd. But for an equaliser conceded with the last kick in our first match, we would have finished 1st. This still was a magnificent result, especially considering George E and George T had to pull out due to illness. Our replacement, Cholan S did fantastically well and got better as the tournament went on.

The tournament was so close that the team that finished in 5th place were only 3 points from finishing top. Our record: P5 W2 D2 L1.


Student of the Week
Sara N T for growing in confidence and making good progress in her swimming lessons this half term.



Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies – 1st December 2017

Infant School Achievements

1st December 2017  


Star Certificates:

RB: Zac R for the phenomenal delivery of his lines during play rehearsals this week. 
RL: Sydney Q – Super reading! Sydney is getting more confident at blending sounds she is unfamiliar with.
RT: William R – Super effort in phonics; blending four single sounds words this week! 
1A: Charlotte C – for her great writing progress
1R: Dawson C for contributing some fantastic ideas for the nativity shepherd dance 
2B: Michael W for his hard work learning all his lines for the Nativity play!
2W: Ammar S for his new role in our play and learning his new lines quickly 





School Squirrel:

RB: Heshaam H for always caring out his ‘Happy Helper’ jobs responsibly and with care. 
RL: Ryan L – for trying hard at swimming. 
RT: Imogen N – Fantastic recital of her nativity lines and singing beautifully!
1A: Katherine Z for her excellent hard work in all areas of the curriculum and her super progress 
1R: Rohan L for performing exceptionally well on his spelling assessment
2B: Sophie B for her amazing effort at learning all her lines from the play! 
2W: Alexander B for his good manners and hard work in rehearsals.



Well done to Taher H who has achieved the Duckling 4 Swimming Award.



Junior School Achievement

1st December 2017


Venture outside your comfort zone, the rewards are worth it.

Rapunzel, Resident of Fairytale land


Year 3 Music Project – ‘Performers of the Week’

Brass – Charlie M and Oskar A



Cross Country
Congratulations to Phoebe F who won her race on Wednesday at Highfields School, Isaac W came third in his race. The boys team finished 3rd – Well done.
Ice Skating
Sarah Lai – was in a National Skating competition earlier this week and came 7th out of 45 entrants. The other 6 girls were considerably older than her.



Kick Boxing
Well done to Nicole B who has achieved her Blue belt.


Students of the Week

Omar A and Ethan W – for their detailed research and excellent explanation on the scientific reasoning behind the coke and mentoes experiment.

George T – for his positive comments about another pupil’s sporting achievement.

Nikhil S for intrinsic kindness towards a Year 3 child.

Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies – 27th November 2017

Infant School Achievements  

27th November 2017


Star Certificates:

RB: Harri A for trying really hard with his handwriting. 
RL: Abel S – for excellent writing.
RT: Suren T – for sharing fantastic light source ideas and knowledge 
1A: Yash H – for working hard to reduce the size of his super handwriting and making his finger spaces clear.
1R: Neha B – for producing her best piece of writing yet about our paper doll adventure! 
2B: Zev D for working hard with his patterns and sequences using 2D shapes in Maths.
2W: Rayan M – for his excellent maths work on solving problems using multiplication facts 



School Squirrel:

RB: Arian S for always being so cheerful and bringing in such a delightful smile every day. 
RL:  Max G – Always being kind to his friends.
RT: Kiyaan B – Sharing his ideas with his classmates when using clay tools for the first time and always being helpful and kind. 
1A: Taher H – for fantastic listening skills and huge determination to improve his reading.
1R: Louis G – for superb independent writing and an all-round brilliant week!  
2B: Ethan S for his kindness towards others all the time. Well done!
2W: Isobel H – for her excellent behaviour and helpfulness during our rehearsals 

Congratulations to both Emily G for taking part, completing and achieving a ‘MoRunner’ Mini Run and also to Hollie B for achieving her Girls’ Brigade badges.

Junior School Achievements

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

Maya Angelou, Author


Our Yr 5 team travelled to Birkdale School last Friday. Our A rugby team lost 8-4. We led the game at half time 2-1, but despite some brave tackling we could not keep the Birkdale attack at bay.  Mr Baker commented that he could not have asked for more effort from the players. Samuel G was our man of the match.

Our B team were also leading 4-3 at half time, but eventually lost 9-6.  There were some excellent tries scored by James B, Arun S & Euan D. James B was the man of the match for some of the best tackling Mr Simpson has ever witnessed at U10 level. It was a great afternoon of rugby and all of our players should be very proud of their effort and commitment on the pitch.

Year 5 Football

NHIJS VS Whitemoor – Wednesday, 22nd November

When we arrived at Whitemoor Academy and saw their tiny pitch, I felt nervous but optimistic because we thought our team would be able to shoot at goal more easily. If only that had happened!

In the first half we found the pace to be really hectic and we struggled to pass the ball because we kept running out of space! Our goalkeeper Ethan C. made some magnificent diving saves. One he turned onto the post, one he managed to push away with his fingertips as he dived and another he parried onto the crossbar.

The second half saw their players closing us down quickly however, we kept battling . Arun S. had a tremendous shot from the left and we all watched it curl… but over the top of the crossbar. Our team all tried to shoot from distance but we didn`t really test their keeper . George T. showed some skilful footwork and Fletcher P. made some great passes.

In conclusion, we lost 4-0 to a very strong team but felt unlucky not to have scored ourselves. We face Brocklewood next Wednesday and we hope it will be 7-a-side on a larger pitch.

Sasmeet S. (Y5)

On Wednesday 22nd November, Nottingham High travelled to Brocklewood to play a football fixture.  Although we were still in our rugby season we won 3-0.  We thought we played really well thanks to Mrs Slater coaching us.  Our goals were from Fletcher P with 2 brilliant goals and Arun S with the last goal from a free kick that he took.

We earned a penalty when one of their players caught it in the box.  George took the penalty but he missed.  I want to mention some very good play by Aun and Euan to keep our team in front.  There were some super saves by Ethan C.

Arun S (Y5)


Phoebe F read a report about the cross- country race last Saturday.




Harry G & Ryan M read a report about our Children in Need fundraising.  We raised £395.25 which together with the money raised at Lovell House of £139.00, achieved the fabulous total of £534.25.



Students of the Week

Isaac P for being quietly kind and helpful

Max M – for always being positive, completing his work to the best of his ability.  Well done Max!

James B – For his tenacity, bravery and tackling on the rugby field against Birkdale School.

Nottingham High Infant and Junior School Achievement Assemblies 17th November 2017

Infant School Achievements

17th November 2017


Star Certificates:

RB: Ellie P – for trying really hard with her writing this week. 
RL: Charlotte T – excellent participation in our dance lesson.
RT: Huey G-D: Excellent effort in writing his page for our class ‘Stick Man’ trip book. 
1A: Rishi S – for working so hard to improve his handwriting.
1R: Johann S for excellent writing about a new character for a story 
2B: Aaron P for his kindness towards others in the classroom and playground.
2W: Orson S – his beautiful handwriting and hard work in all of our English lessons. 


School Squirrel:

RB: Aarav K – for being kind to his friend by helping him do his coat up. 
RL: Felix M – working hard in maths and completing his work independently.
RT: Avani K –  excellent partner work, matching ‘sounds’ in a phonics task.
1A: Tom G – for always presenting his written work so carefully and illustrating it beautifully. 
1R: India G-S for consistently excellent behaviour on the carpet.
2B: Sam P for making a super ‘egg cycle helmet’ in Science. 
2W: Alice D – for her excellent behaviour during rehearsals and learning her lines so well.


Well done to Aman L who has achieved 100m Rainbow Swimming Award.


Junior School Achievements   

17th November 2017

One person cannot help everyone, but everyone can help one person

Nick Knowles, TV presenter.

U10 Rugby Tour to Norwich
The U10s began the tournament facing the home side.  We made a slow start losing four tries to nil to Norwich, who would prove the eventual winners.  In our second group game we comfortably beat Wisbeach 5-1.  The third and final group game against Town Close was crucial.  We went ahead, then behind, then level.  There was a glorious chance to win it at the end but Town Close stole the ball and scored at the other meaning we lost 3-2.  This meant the best we could hope for was winning the next two knockout matches to earn the Vase.  The semi-final proved easy, scoring 4 and only conceding one against St Felix.  The final of the Vase was played against Gresham’s; an old enemy of Mr Cordy!  We were the better team throughout in both attack and defence and were very worthy winners by three tries to one.  It was a great, if chilly, afternoon of rugby with all 12 players contributing.  Mr Simpson and Mr Cordy were proud coaches and are looking forward to taking the current Under 9s next season!

U10 v. Derby Grammar School – The U10 B team lost at Derby today but did score 3 tries. The U11 team played well but lost a very tight game 5 tries to 4.

U10 Rugby Festival at The Elms
Our U10 rugby team competed at The Elm’s festival yesterday.
v Fairfield-Won 3 tries to nil
v Denstone College W 3 tries to 1
v Birkdale Lost 2-0

There were some great tries, scored by George T & Fletcher P, however the defensive tackling from all of the team set the platform for our impressive performances.  We play Birkdale on Friday, so a great opportunity to see how we match up in a full 40 minute match.

U9 @ Barlborough Festival
The U9s enjoyed 6 games of rugby at Barlborough on Tuesday afternoon.  The festival is all about playing rugby and so there is no league table, no winners and no medals.  It puts all the focus on playing quality rugby which is what the U9s spent the afternoon endeavouring to do.  The boys played 6 games, winning 4 and losing only 2.  One of the loses could easily have been a draw or a victory had the game played out slightly differently.  All 9 players contributed and by the end of the festival we were playing our best rugby.  Mr Cordy was pleased with the progress with passing, tackling and most of all teamwork as the festival went on.  An enjoyable afternoon of rugby for all involved.


Science Quiz
Congratulations to Euan D, Matthew M, Chima A and Shlok SB who have gone through to the next round of the Science Quiz finals. They take place on Monday 4th December in Solihull.


Primary Mathematics Challenge 2017
Congratulations to all of Year 6 who all participated in the Primary Maths Challenge this year.  As always it was a tough challenge.

Bronze Award Winners: Tam T, Alex S, Max B, Ollie H, Alec S, Harry E, Ben H, Phoebe F, Seth Dineen

Silver Award Winners: Harry G, Sarah L, Shlok B, Cholan S

Gold Award Winners: Ryan M, Yusuf B, William H

Students of the Week

Nico B 4W – for responsibly conducting a science investigation – taking on three roles

Jack A 4W for being kind (playing with a boy who was upset as his friend had gone to play rugby for the school and he was feeling alone)

Henna Q & Malika J (5S) – For displaying maturity, independence and a commitment to do their best in everything that they do.