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Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies 12th January 2018

Infant School Achievement Assembly   

Friday, January 12th 2018

Star Certificates:

RB: Cathy D for excellent questioning during our Literacy session. 
RL: Benjamin B – trying hard to concentrate during carpet inputs.
RT: Simran L – Super question sentence ideas when interviewing Mrs Marson as a person who helps us all in school. 
1A: Amber R – fantastic writing about what she did in the holidays
1R: Gurshaan B for being a consistently excellent pupil and setting a brilliant example to the other children
2B: Rishi A for listening carefully to instructions during lessons, so he knows what to do. 
2W: Alice D for her hard work and perseverance with her Maths work





School Squirrel:

RB: Eisha H for having a caring attitude towards others in her class. 
RL: Kian F-B for showing kindness towards his friends in the first week back.
RT: Sebastian C – for being thoughtful and helpful when working in our weekly group task.
1A: Mani S – super work in maths lessons about position and direction and for trying really hard with presentation 
1R: Rosie H for her continued excellent attitude to her learning 
2B: Ayda M for working very hard in her Maths lesson learning to tell the time.
2W: Vusi M for his kindness and caring attitude to another member of the class 

Classes RB, RL & RT for super active listening and questioning skills when interviewing to explore their learning theme, ‘Superheroes – people who help us’.

Year 2 being a credit to the school because they came straight in, sat down, listened and got on with their chess session with Mr Williams.


Achievement Assembly – Junior School Assembly   

Friday, January 12th 2018

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.

J. B. Priestly


Honour Points
Hardy’s house have won the Honour Point Cup for the second half of the Autumn term.




Silver Awards for achieving 10 honour points: Ruben E, Panache S, James S, Alfie A, Lucas B, Dawood M, Max M, Umair N, Giles D-B, William H, Ethan W, Georgia A, Oliver D, Nevaan P, Om K, Shuban Y and Alex B




Bronze Awards for achieving honour 5 points: Aisha S, Cholan S, Muhammad M, Alisha K, Yuvraj N, Rhys N, CJ S, Ben F, Ethan L, Tam T, Malika J, Yasin R, James B, Omar A, Taylor B, Nicole B, Nico B, Farris H, George W, Zaviaar A, Tanish P, Max B, Joshua M, Ryan M, Chris M, Isa S-K, Maxwell C, James G, Adi J, Isaac P, Stuart H and Evan A-Y.







Congratulations to Shuban Y who has been invited by the ABRSM to perform in a High Scorers’ Concert in Nottingham on Saturday 10 February 2018.

Year 3 Music Project – ‘Performer of the Week’

Violinist Tanish P



Our A & B team (made up from a combination of Yr 5 and yr 6 players) competed in an U11 round robin festival on Wednesday. Both teams played two games and unfortunately results did not go our way, however it was a great opportunity to play an afternoon of football and learn to play as a team.



Cross Country

Our Cross Country team came first in the Nottingham City Cross Country Championships held at Wollaton Park on Jan 10th 2018.

5 of our runners qualified to compete in the County Championships to be held at the start of February.

Indiv. Charles P 1st, Isaac W 2nd, Phoebe F 2nd, Saketh C 7th. George T 9th.

Super performances from all competitors.


Students of the Week

Antoine B – for always thinking of others and taking care of his classmates – for example, on Wednesday Antoine stayed to help a fellow pupil who had slipped and fallen on a wet surface. Antoine frequently shows spontaneous acts of kindness and also is a good role model in helping to show others how to be kind to each other e.g. just before Christmas he shared his ‘Kindness Advent Calendar’ with 3C.

Charles P is to be commended for the resilient way he has coped with an injury sustained before the end of term.  He has been in pain and unable to take part in his regular sporting commitments until this week, but has carried on without moaning or making a fuss.