Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies – 1st December 2017

Infant School Achievements

1st December 2017  


Star Certificates:

RB: Zac R for the phenomenal delivery of his lines during play rehearsals this week. 
RL: Sydney Q – Super reading! Sydney is getting more confident at blending sounds she is unfamiliar with.
RT: William R – Super effort in phonics; blending four single sounds words this week! 
1A: Charlotte C – for her great writing progress
1R: Dawson C for contributing some fantastic ideas for the nativity shepherd dance 
2B: Michael W for his hard work learning all his lines for the Nativity play!
2W: Ammar S for his new role in our play and learning his new lines quickly 





School Squirrel:

RB: Heshaam H for always caring out his ‘Happy Helper’ jobs responsibly and with care. 
RL: Ryan L – for trying hard at swimming. 
RT: Imogen N – Fantastic recital of her nativity lines and singing beautifully!
1A: Katherine Z for her excellent hard work in all areas of the curriculum and her super progress 
1R: Rohan L for performing exceptionally well on his spelling assessment
2B: Sophie B for her amazing effort at learning all her lines from the play! 
2W: Alexander B for his good manners and hard work in rehearsals.



Well done to Taher H who has achieved the Duckling 4 Swimming Award.



Junior School Achievement

1st December 2017


Venture outside your comfort zone, the rewards are worth it.

Rapunzel, Resident of Fairytale land


Year 3 Music Project – ‘Performers of the Week’

Brass – Charlie M and Oskar A



Cross Country
Congratulations to Phoebe F who won her race on Wednesday at Highfields School, Isaac W came third in his race. The boys team finished 3rd – Well done.
Ice Skating
Sarah Lai – was in a National Skating competition earlier this week and came 7th out of 45 entrants. The other 6 girls were considerably older than her.



Kick Boxing
Well done to Nicole B who has achieved her Blue belt.


Students of the Week

Omar A and Ethan W – for their detailed research and excellent explanation on the scientific reasoning behind the coke and mentoes experiment.

George T – for his positive comments about another pupil’s sporting achievement.

Nikhil S for intrinsic kindness towards a Year 3 child.

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