Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies 3rd November 2017

Infant School Achievements

3rd November 2017



Star Certificates:

RB: Ali C – for working hard in Literacy and using his phonic knowledge when writing. 
RL: Alex P – for excellent literacy this week, he has started to use punctuation in his caption writing.
RT: Ruari H – Super effort with segmenting skills to write his Diwali story sentence.
1A: William A for working so hard to learn his tricky words.
1R: William H for working hard in all subjects in class. 
2B: Ayda M for working really hard all week to keep her handwriting neat and tidy.
2W: Vusi M for his fantastic problem solving in this week’s maths work. 




School Squirrel:

RB: Henry L – for coming back in to school with such a positive attitude. 
RL: Abel S – for fantastic behaviour this week and listening carefully during learning time.
RT: Jin Chen L – Helping classmates with assembling Diwali lanterns and sharing his subtraction skills.
1A: Amber R for her fantastic attitude and enthusiasm in all lessons
1R: Dawson C for knuckling down to his work and showing enthusiasm for his learning 
2B: Samuel H for writing a fantastic firework poem, full of descriptive words!
2W: Hamza Z for his positive attitude to and perseverance when working in the classroom 




Junior School Achievements

3rd November 2017

Just because you haven’t found your talent yet, doesn’t mean you don’t have one.
Kermit T. Frog 


Students of the Week

Harry E, Taylor B, Alex S in 6G and Ben H in 6H – for showing kindness and empathy towards someone who needed their help and support.

Nico B for super comprehension work on poetry.


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