Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Achievement Assembly – Infant School
Friday, February 10th 2017

Star Certificates:

RB: Whole class for excellent behaviour on the trip to Attenborough Nature Reserve. 
RF: Whole Class for excellent behaviour on the trip to Attenborough Nature Reserve.
1A: Ammar S – great 3D shape work in our maths lessons 
1R: Zev D for writing an excellent alien story this week.
2B: Charlie M for continued kindness to all the children in 2B and Mrs Baker. 
2W: Arjun J for working really hard to finish his work before everyone else.


School Squirrel:

RB: Grace N – for being such a good friend. 
RF: Buchan S – for kindly sharing his snack on the trip.
1A: Sophie B – always being so well organised and setting a good example to others around her. 
1R: Ayda M for showing a really positive attitude to school and learning.
2B: Rohan S for superb colour mixing in art when painting a sunrise. Great listening! 
2W: Ayaan Q for always being so helpful and kind to everyone in the school, including teachers.

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