Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Infant School Assembly   

June 9th 2016

Star CertificateStar Certificates:

RA Sam P for his enthusiasm and pride in everything he does Well Done 2
RF  SpeakerZev D – talking to the class
1B: George W  – accurate measuring when using a ruler and a metre stick! Ruler
1C:  Well Done 2Aaron S – for really making an effort to take his time with his work.
2B: SwimmingOliver D – excellent progress in swimming
2W: MathsKitty S –  for showing great focus and perseverance In maths


squirrel 3School Squirrel:

RA Michael W for being so sensible and independent with his arm in a plaster cast Plastercast
RF Well doneKayode A – for his lovely sharing with his friends in class and at break time.
1B: Amir A – working hard to remember lots of fantastic facts about the artist Salvador Dali. Good boy dali
1C: WritingTarun B – for excellent effort in writing.  Tarun has written some amazing descriptive sentences this week.
2B: Ayaan P –always using very good manners and being helpful around the whole school. Well Done 2
2W:  Well doneEron B – for a much improved attitude to his learning, being positive and well behaved



Junior School Assembly   

June 10th 2016

‘When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future.’

HM Queen Elizabeth II

flying pig v2Flying Pig Award:   3C

Behaviour Focus: Playing nicely together at break.




Certificate 2Honour Points:

Gold Certificates: Ben H, Cholan S, Rishav A, Ben M, Charlie V, Luca V & Orlando B, Silver Certificates: Mohintan A, Isaac W, Harrison P, Thomas B, Rayan M, Ryan M, Rehan B, Harry G, Sahibdeep T & Oliver E

Bronze Certificates: James E, Isak I, Krrish M, Robert G, Leon E, Aaron M, Milad F-B & Archie G



Musical instrumentYear3 Music Player of the Week

Clarinettist Josiah I


Manager awardFootball

Congratulations to Aaron S and his football team on winning their recent tournament.



Congratulations to Year 3 Hardy’s freestyle relay who broke the School record at the gala!



Student of WeekStudent of the Week

James M for being an exceptionally kind person and a model pupil.









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