Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Squirrel 2

Infant School Assembly   

May 12th 2016

Star CertificateStar Certificates:

RA Michael W for trying really hard to complete his model insect even though fixing it together was tricky Ladybird
RF Well doneAmmar S – trying hard to act calmly and sensibly
1B: Evan A-Y – his fantastic suggestions when making a food chain! Foodchain
1C: Putting hands upAarya S – Making a huge and improved effort to contribute to class and group discussions.


2B: Kavin R for his non-fiction work on the pipistrelle bat. Bat
2W: Well Done 2Finn R for working super hard in all areas of his learning and impressing Mrs Roberts every day!



Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

RA Rishi A for his outstanding listening skills and lovely manners in the classroom listen


RF Well Done 2Bobby O – concentrating during phonics


1B: class workGeorge W – his brilliant concentration in lessons since the holidays
1C: Rhys N – becoming really involved in our ‘Great Outdoors’ topic.  Rhys has shown enthusiasm and had asked lots of sensible questions. Great Outdoors


2B: Tidying UpAlfie A for being very responsible and reliable in carrying out his class jobs.
2W: Ben M for producing a fantastic fact file on bats with very little help from a grown-up.Bat


 Congratulations to Stuart H for his many awards following his football camp.


Junior School Assembly   

May 13th 2016

This week was STEM week

Mr Jones’ quote of the week:

‘Dilly, Ding, Dilly, Dong’

Claudio Ranieri

flying pig v2Flying Pig Award:   4W

Behaviour Focus:  At the end of the lesson – leave the classroom neat and tidy!




Musical instrument


Year 3 Music Player of the Week

Clarinettist Josiah I
Trumpeter Nathan S-P
Flautist Marley P
Oboist Isa S-K
Trombonist Henry S
Cellist Euan D


The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Trombone Grade 1 Vuyo M
Taylor B
B Flat Cornet Garden 1 Harry G
Trumpet Grade 2 Seth D


Congratulation to Marcus S for coming top of the 2015/16 Winter Tour & U9s leader board in Nottinghamshire!



Euan D playing for West Bridgford Colts Sunday Team, Forest Festival, winning the league






Student of WeekStudents of the Week

Ethan P for his amazing enthusiasm during STEM activities this week! He has been so brilliant at the practical activities, helping his group to win the spaghetti and marshmallow tower building challenge and winning the “emergency vehicle” Lego activity too. It has been lovely to see him so happy and engaged in the activities! 

Michael S-G for his recent efforts with his writing. Although he’s not been the most enthusiastic writer for most of the year, he has turned this around and put in maximum effort.  As a result, he has improved in both handwriting and content. He has responded well to praise and is also working hard at home to improve. I asked him to read out his creative writing homework to the class last week and some of his class work and it’s been wonderful to see him with a beaming smile on his face for doing so well.

Aman C for impressing Mr Jones and the rest of the staff with his relentless kindness and patience towards other pupils.











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