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Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Infant School

May 26th 2016

Today, Lovell House enjoyed a whole school trip to Conkers.


Junior School

May 27th 2016

Sometimes what we call ‘failure’ is really the necessary struggle of learning.



flying pig v2Flying Pig Award:   5S

Behaviour Focus: Wear my uniform with pride!


Musical instrumentMusician of the week

Cellist Fred L
Aditya P



Y3 and 4 Gala:

Hardys RosetteWinners were Hardy’s!  Congratulations to everyone who swam for their House.



U11s vs Hill House

Both of the Under 11 teams won their matches against Hill House.

The B team were 74 -5 off 16 overs; Hill House were 73-9 off 20 overs. Rishav A and Ethan R each took 2 wickets, with Oscar M taking 2 catches.  The A team were 108-4 off 18 overs; Hill House 92-5 off 18. Isaac retired on 50, scoring 8 x 4’s and a 6. An excellent team effort in the field saw Aamar K, Ben M, Alexander E-K and Isaac M each take a catch. James R took 2-8; Arrandeep M 1-3 and Ben M 1-11.

Their coach commented that our catching proved the difference. As captain, Alexander E-K ensured that everyone bowled; the accuracy and tidiness of this can be seen in the fact that we conceded only 10 extras, compared to their 30.  This was invaluable experience and should provide a confidence boost, as Hill House A’s consisted entirely of club players.

Coach Slater

U10s vs Hill House

The U 10 A team won by more than 40 runs. All of the players batted and all bowled, due to playing pairs cricket.

As a batting partnership there was much better communication. We bowled very well and only conceded a few extras. Noah B was our top scorer, hitting a couple of boundaries to help him reach double figures.

Our two new debutants Arnav S and Rayan M bowled and batted very well.   Great first win of the season.

The Under 10s B team won by 76 runs on at Hill House. A very strong performance with notable contributions from Lohit D (who batted and bowled well and took 3 catches) and Mohintan A (great bowling).

Coach Simpson

 Under 9s v Foremarke Hall  – Pairs Competition
The Under 9s won the match in a very exciting finish. Nikhil S won the toss and put Foremarke in to bat. Harry E bowled the first over and in his first five deliveries conceded ten runs but in his final delivery he bowled his opponent. Nikhil S and Alec S were next to bowl and were unlucky in not taking a wicket. Namit B was our next wicket taker in the 5th over with the score at 31 runs. By the time Ben H and Cholan S came on to bowl they were 40 runs but two wickets, one a piece, slowed the opposing team down to just 36 runs. Towards the end of the innings Harry E and Cholan S took another wicket  each and Kapil K got the last one. Seven wickets was a good total for us and we were set a target of 79 to win.

Harry E and Nikhil S got us off to the perfect start with 26 off their three overs. Alec S and Shuban Y struggled in their first two overs but got a couple of fours to add two runs to the total. Namit B and Raman L added 14 with the loss of only one wicket. Ben H and Cholan S put us in a great position scoring 25 runs and not losing a wicket. It was left to Abdullah A and Kapil K to score 12 to win the game in their three overs. They scored nine off their first two overs. Then Abdullah A hit a four off the first ball of the last over. He then defended with the remaining balls and we won the game by 3 runs. A really well disciplined display from our last two batsmen. A great team performance.

Coach Jones

Congratulations to Tunde A, Henry S, Verroshan A, James B, Jacob C, Ben M and Rishav A for being Delaney Schools Chess Challenge Mega finalists.



SwimmingSwimming report for the Inter-House Swimming gala, 2016

The Year 5 and 6s kicked off this amazing House competition on Thursday 19th May. The races were all very close and the final points score for the morning showed that Hardy’s were in the lead with 79 points, followed by Tonkin’s on 54, Trease’s on 50 and Ball’s on 48. Special congratulations to individual cup winners: Oliver H for winning the Cox trophy (50m backstroke), Hou Yu L for winning the Axtell cup (50m breaststroke) and Isaac M for winning the Monahan Cup (50m freestyle). Also congratulations to Hou Yu L for winning the Pell cup for 100m Individual Medley. The Freestyle and Medley cups were both won by Hardy’s.

The Year 3 and 4s then took up the reins the following Thursday with all to swim for. There was some fantastic swimming from every single participant and there was such amazing encouragement from all of the supporters on the balcony! There were some close races and even a new record set by Ball’s Year 4 A freestyle relay team of 1 minute 28.38 seconds! The results of the Year 3 and 4 gala are as follows:

1st place: Hardy’s 59 points

2nd place: Ball’s 47  points

3rd place: Trease’s 38 points

4th place: Tonkin’s 32 points

These were then added onto the scores from the Year 5 and 6 gala which gave an overall result for the Inter House Swimmimg:

1st place: Hardy’s 138 points

2nd place: Ball’s 95 points

3rd place: Trease’s 86 points

4th place: Tonkin’s 88 points

Well done to everyone who took part and to all the staff for their involvement.

Student of WeekStudents of the Week

William W for his enthusiasm and hard working attitude. He has a fantastic attitude to learning and

Rayan M – despite being a very able mathematician he always takes it upon himself to ask questions  and if ever unsure he will always ask me to sit with him to go over concepts that he doesn’t fully understand.  He takes ownership of his learning and wants to understand and understands that we all have room for development and improvement.

Nottingham High Infant and Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Squirrel 2

Infant School

May 19th and 20th

 Star CertificateStar Certificates:

RA Ethan S for his super picture and writing about the seeds he is growing Seeds
RF listenWilliam N – super listening skills when learning about life cycles
1B: Amir A – super behaviour in the classroom and the playground this term Well Done 2
1C: TeamZaviaar A for working well with others and being a good team member, especially during ICT and drama this week.


2B: Roman E for designing a super seed packet containing lots of plant informationSeed packet


2W: KindMax M for being kind and selfless and sharing nicely, particularly in the dinner hall.


squirrel 3School Squirrel:

RA Aaron P for beginning to appreciate the value of working in a team and taking on board the ideas of his friends. Team
RF Well Done 2Alice D – gaining confidence to try new things
1B: SunglassesRafay A – his super ideas when making his own sunglasses in Science!
1C: Thomas F for always putting extra effort into his homework.  We loved the frog facts and seeing the bones you found. Frog
2B: Well doneNico B for always listening carefully and trying hard with his learning
2W: Eva B for producing consistently good literacy work including developing a fantastic story idea as part of her writing assessment. story writing


Junior School

May 20th 2016

No legacy is so rich as honesty.

William Shakespeare

flying pig v2Flying Pig Award:   4W

Behaviour Focus:                 Wear my uniform with pride!

Musical instrumentThe Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Piano Grade 1 William H
Violin Prep Grade

Congratulations to William H achieving the following at the Mansfield Music and Drama Festival,

  • First Place in the Grade 1 Piano Exam Prep category
  • Second Place in the Grade 1 Formal Piano category
  • Merit in the Under 10’s Solo Singing category


Y5&6 Gala:
Medley and Freestyle winners were Hardys!

Congratulations to our U11s who are the 2015-16 Nottingham Schools FA League Winners!

Congratulations to Isaac M who was regional finalist in the English Schools FA National Cup.





In paired format, NHIJS U11 team beat Plumtree by 58 runs. Although our batting score was low (38) it was difficult to make contact with the ball as we were facing some erratic bowling (20 wides and 4 too high to reach!). Rui D-M managed a couple of 4’s and we didn’t even include the wides in our total.

We bowled tightly, conceding only 29 runs but crucially taking 5 wickets from 5 different bowlers, so a real team effort. James R and Hector M should be mentioned for being the most improved over the last 3 weeks, their improvement has been great to see. Joshua McK was an effective captain and Oscar M played superbly as wicketkeeper.

Coach Slater

PhysicsPhysics Challenge

First place in the Marble Run:
Zayan B, Rohan B, Jacob  C and Orlando B


Second Place Overall in the Physics Challenge
Callum D, Rayan M, Arnav S and William W


U9s and U11s National Semi-Finals

We had three teams who qualified for the EPSCA National Semi Finals at Bristol Grammar School : two Under 11 teams and one Under 9 team. Our Under 11 A team, won three and lost two scoring 15 ½ points out of 25. They finished in = 4th place. The Under 11s B team finished in 11th place on 14 ½ points, winning three and losing two games.

The Under 9s also won three and lost two matches but finished with 12 points and came = 16th.

There were plenty of interesting games and some very good performances by our pupils. I was very proud of them as they all tried their best against some strong opposition. I felt some of the scores did not truly reflect the close nature of some of the matches.

A few individuals need a special mention; Zayan B, playing for the A team on board 4, won all his matches 5/5 and  Dean S won 4 out of 5. In the B Team Robert G won 4/5

In the Under 9s Suban Y won 4/5

Congratulations to Tunde A for being the Delaney Schools Chess Challenge Mega finalist

Bullock Cup

1st:  Alex El-K
2nd:  Zayan B

Student of WeekStudents of the Week

James B for excellent behaviour on the Farm Trip, exceptional enthusiasm for Cricket, superb listening skills and affording maximum effort to all he does.

Arrandeep M for an excellent example of peer support.

Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Squirrel 2

Infant School Assembly   

May 12th 2016

Star CertificateStar Certificates:

RA Michael W for trying really hard to complete his model insect even though fixing it together was tricky Ladybird
RF Well doneAmmar S – trying hard to act calmly and sensibly
1B: Evan A-Y – his fantastic suggestions when making a food chain! Foodchain
1C: Putting hands upAarya S – Making a huge and improved effort to contribute to class and group discussions.


2B: Kavin R for his non-fiction work on the pipistrelle bat. Bat
2W: Well Done 2Finn R for working super hard in all areas of his learning and impressing Mrs Roberts every day!



Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

RA Rishi A for his outstanding listening skills and lovely manners in the classroom listen


RF Well Done 2Bobby O – concentrating during phonics


1B: class workGeorge W – his brilliant concentration in lessons since the holidays
1C: Rhys N – becoming really involved in our ‘Great Outdoors’ topic.  Rhys has shown enthusiasm and had asked lots of sensible questions. Great Outdoors


2B: Tidying UpAlfie A for being very responsible and reliable in carrying out his class jobs.
2W: Ben M for producing a fantastic fact file on bats with very little help from a grown-up.Bat


 Congratulations to Stuart H for his many awards following his football camp.


Junior School Assembly   

May 13th 2016

This week was STEM week

Mr Jones’ quote of the week:

‘Dilly, Ding, Dilly, Dong’

Claudio Ranieri

flying pig v2Flying Pig Award:   4W

Behaviour Focus:  At the end of the lesson – leave the classroom neat and tidy!




Musical instrument


Year 3 Music Player of the Week

Clarinettist Josiah I
Trumpeter Nathan S-P
Flautist Marley P
Oboist Isa S-K
Trombonist Henry S
Cellist Euan D


The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Trombone Grade 1 Vuyo M
Taylor B
B Flat Cornet Garden 1 Harry G
Trumpet Grade 2 Seth D


Congratulation to Marcus S for coming top of the 2015/16 Winter Tour & U9s leader board in Nottinghamshire!



Euan D playing for West Bridgford Colts Sunday Team, Forest Festival, winning the league






Student of WeekStudents of the Week

Ethan P for his amazing enthusiasm during STEM activities this week! He has been so brilliant at the practical activities, helping his group to win the spaghetti and marshmallow tower building challenge and winning the “emergency vehicle” Lego activity too. It has been lovely to see him so happy and engaged in the activities! 

Michael S-G for his recent efforts with his writing. Although he’s not been the most enthusiastic writer for most of the year, he has turned this around and put in maximum effort.  As a result, he has improved in both handwriting and content. He has responded well to praise and is also working hard at home to improve. I asked him to read out his creative writing homework to the class last week and some of his class work and it’s been wonderful to see him with a beaming smile on his face for doing so well.

Aman C for impressing Mr Jones and the rest of the staff with his relentless kindness and patience towards other pupils.











Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Squirrel 2

Infant School

April 28th 2016

 Star CertificateStar Certificates:

RA Hamza Z for trying really hard to use the sounds he knows in his writing Writing
RF bear2jpeg (1)Sahil G – for his bear hunt story ideas
1B: Rafay A – speedy maths work in class and getting onto extension work Numeracy 3
1C: Well Done 2Ben J: for being so enthusiastic about our topic and for taking his time to discover new facts.
2B: Alfie A – star – working so hard on his spooky Mr and Mrs Twits chapter. the-twits
2W: Ruben E – writing an excellent new chapter for the Twits Writing 2



Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

RA Orson S for the gentle kindness he shows to his friends and his wonderful, polite manners Kind
RF listenSophie B – for super listening skills.


1B: Daniel R – always trying his best in lessons and having good ideas in class discussionsWell done
1C: CaterpillarWilliam F: his great writing and sequencing of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.
2B: James S – always listening and following instructions listen


2W: Well doneOm K – for always being ready for learning and always following Mrs Roberts instructions first time


Junior School

April 29th 2016

It is great wisdom to know how to be silent and to look at neither the remarks, nor the deeds, nor the lives of others.

St John of the Cross


 flying pig v2Flying Pig Award:   3C

Behaviour Focus: Tidy up at end of lesson and line up promptly for next lesson





U11 Football

Our U11 football team defeated Cantrell School in the final of the City Cup last night 4-1. Cantrell took a 1-0 lead very early in the game and looked very threatening, but we responded brilliantly and scored two goals inside a minute by Isaac M and Ben M. From this point on we took control of the game and early in the second half the excellent Max M-S added a brace to make it 4-1. Despite the odd attack from Cantrell, we could have added a few more goals as we played some wonderful attacking football.

We were also crowned league champions. contest-clipart-3491974-trophy

Earlier this week we played in the ISFA national finals. This was played at the beautiful St George’s Park, the training centre of the England team. The competition proved very strong and during the group phase we won 3 games out of 5 to finish as one of the best runners up to qualify for the quarter finals. Unfortunately, we lost to a very strong Ludgrove team.

Our group winners Whit Gift beat Ludgrove in the final highlighting what a tough run we had.

To finish in the top 8 of a national tournament was a brilliant achievement and the team should feel very proud of themselves.

Our season has not quite finished; next Friday we compete in the quarter finals of the County Cup. The treble would be nice!

U10s Football
The U10s football team lost 1-0 vs Brocklewood in the Nottingham Schools’ FA tournament final yesterday. We had plenty of chances to score but did not manage to convert any of these. The opposition scored directly from a corner in what turned out to be a fairly scrappy match. We played on a small pitch at the Forest Academy Ground which made it difficult to pass the ball around.

The highlight of the day was the tour of the City Ground before the final. This was a great experience for our players as they saw the boardroom, learned the history of various trophies won by Forest and walked round the pitch.

Special mention should go to Joshua L, Luca V and Noah B as they represented the U10s team in our final, then the U11s in their final (their 3rd time playing in 2 days). They were also spotted by talent scouts who were watching and have invited them to trials this summer. Perhaps one or all of them are potential candidates for student of the week?

Congratulations to Abdullah S on achieving his black belt in Karate.


Student of WeekStudent of the Week

All of Year 6 for their fantastic team work at the Spitfire Workshop