Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

  Achievement Assembly

Because of our short week, we did not have Achievement Assembly in either part of the School.

 Squirrel 2

Infants January 7th 2016

 Polar BearToday, Mrs Bruce read a story called The Snow Bear. This was all about the polar bear and how polar bears live and survive in the very cold conditions. We spoke about the indigenous people of the arctic – the Inuit and their name for polar bears; Nanuk (or Nanook). We learned about polar bears’ fur and how their fat keeps them warm and that they look after their babies until the babies are around 2 years old.


Mrs Bruce has put the book in the Lovell library for all to share or borrow.

 Junior School Assembly  

January 8th 2016

‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’

Oscar Wilde

MusicMusic Awards:
Charlie V         Grade 5           Alto Saxophone
Joshua L         Grade 4           Piano


SkiingSkiing: Jake D passed his ESF 1st Star in Skiing during the Christmas break in France.




 self esteem Assembly Focus: Mrs Bruce presented an assembly on self-esteem where we explored the importance of having a robust self-esteem and speaking in positive ways to ones-self.




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