Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

September 10th & 11th 2015

This week, we reflected on how well we had all settled in at School. We once again welcomed all our new pupils.

At Lovell, Mrs Bruce spoke about our feelings at starting (again) at School.

back to school

She spoke about our friends and being friendly to everyone. She spoke about who we could talk to if we are feeling anxious or unhappy.

back to school 2

We all congratulated James who received a medal for his tennis skills at David Lloyd.



At  the Junior School we welcomed everyone back to School. Mrs Bruce spoke about thinking carefully before you speak.

Is what you say:


We also spoke about being polite in class and the benefits of listening actively while the teacher is speaking.



Finn D has been selected as a finalist in Betjeman Poetry Prize. His poem will be published in a pamphlet to accompany the competition.

Bleak House

There was a town.
There was a street.
There was a house.
From the house came laughter,
but there was also sadness and hatred
for all except themselves.
Maybe a girl crying,
upstairs, in a room,
perhaps they had beaten her,
beaten her with sticks.
And now they were drinking,
a stout ale,
drinking, drowning.
They were too drunk,
no care in the world.
One of them shouted,
shouted a suggestion,

TennisWe congratulated Marcus S who was invited to a trial for U9 tennis and made the team. He went on to play his first game for Notts in August. He played in the annual Notts County Closed tournament last week . He came 4th in the U9 singles, but with his doublehe came runner-up. He really enjoyed it.


CricketWhen England beat Australia at Trent Bridge Marcus, Luca, Thomas and Rohan in Y5 were flag bearers at the beginning as the teams ran out. A very exciting day!

Finally, last Monday Marcus, Noah, Naveen and Krish in Y5 were invited to take part in an U9 talent ID for U10s cricket.

He also brought his YEL Spring 2015 trophy to show us. His team Keyworth United Green U9s were the Sun Champions.

A great sporting summer!


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