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Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

May 21stand 22nd 2015

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

Star CertificateStar Certificates:

Reception: Whole class for excellent behaviour on their trip Whitby
Year 1B:     Learnign to writeArchie S – for all his hard work
Year 1F: Sam E for super independent writing Writing 2
Year 2W: WritingAll of 2W for concentrating this week
Year 2B: Isa S-K – excellent progress Well done


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

Reception: William F for independent writing Writing 2
Year 1B:     Well doneCharles D – lovely manners
Year 1F: Eron B – improved concentration Well done
Year 2W: Well doneJoshua P – for having a better start to the School day
Year 2B: Michael S – Grant- being a lovely member of the class Smiles 3

100_2989 100_2991

We also presented Arun with his football award and Joshua with his cricket cup


Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Thomas Edison


Flying PigBehaviour Focus of the Week – The Flying Pig Award

We have been delighted with the effort of all the forms!
This week’s winners are:  5A with 12 tokens

Next week’s focus is:  Walking around school in a quiet and ordered manner.


Mathletics.pngMathletics Awards:

Mathletics GOLD Award (20 Bronze) – Finlay C-D


Times Tables

6,7,8 multiplication and division facts:


Taylor B
3,4 and 11 times tables Krish S, Harvey J  , Krish B



Unfortunately, the Under 8s lost by 111 runs on Friday. QEGS scored 139 for no wicket from their 20 overs, we could only manage 68 for 8 (which left us on an overall score of 28). It was a tough fixture against a very strong team .

Top scorer – Abdullah A with 20 runs.

Best bowling performances – Ben H – 2 overs for 5 runs, Kapil K – 2 overs for 6 runs.


Congratulations to the U9s team whose excellent behaviour at QEGS is to be highly commended.

They played well as a team (ably captained by Naveen) given that they have only had about two sessions in the ‘A Game’ group. It was a close match which we unfortunately lost but by only 20 runs. The game could easily have gone either way!


Last Friday was a great day for the U11s who won by 9 wickets. They chased 87 and reached the total with 3 overs to spare. The bowling and fielding was exceptional by our pupils and collectively they all played their part. QEGS were the only team that beat them last year, so we were delighted with the result.

The U11 B cricket team travelled to Barlborough Hall School on Wednesday  to play Barlborough A team. This was a great opportunity for some of the boys as it was their first Cricket match ever. The boys found the opposition to be tough cookies and lost by 6 wickets but they all batted and bowled. They were perfectly well behaved.

Harvey J has competed in the Notts & Derby Border Youth Cricket league.


Wednesday 20th May, our U11 team played at the City Ground last night. After drawing 0-0, we were beaten 3-2 on penalties. During the game we had the two best chances to score, but unfortunately their goalkeeper made two excellent saves. To play in a professional football stadium was a great experience for the team.

Finn D completed in the  National Sports Acrofinals at the weekend, although he did not medal he did a fantastic routine with his partner Connor and performed with real confidence in front of 400 people.  He had a really wonderful time and is already planning his routines for next year’s qualifiers.


Sahat S attained 1st place in the ESPSCA Chess finals

Zayan B competed in the U8s semi-final of the EPSCA semi-finals.
Mo S has successfully completed F1 level of the Kumon English programme.

Harry E has achieved the 2000m Rainbow Award.




Student of WeekStudent of the Week.

Isaac D who  fractured a bone in foot.  Despite being in plaster with a crutch, he  came into  school next day, on the bus and has carried on without any fuss and without complaint.




Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

May 14th and 15th 2015

 Infants at Lovell House

Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Star Certificate


Star Certificates:

Year 1B:     Kavin R for his brilliant behaviour in the playground when he was pond dipping! Pond
Year 1F: Roman E for fantastic multiplication.Multiply
Year 2W: Alfie C for working hard and getting on straight awayLearnign to write
Year 2B: All the children for excellent behaviour on the library trip.Library


Squirrel 2


School Squirrel:

Year 1B:     Archie S for his amazing knowledge on pond life, toads and snakes! Frog


Year 1F: Writing 2Sam E for careful literacy work
Year 2W: Josiah I for excellent behaviour on our trip to Central Library this week. Library


Year 2B: Tidying UpMatthew M for carrying out his monitor duties to an excellent standard.



To be better equipped for the tests that the year will bring — read a textbook.
To prepare for the tests that life will bring — read a book.”

 Mokokoma Mokhonoana, philosopher


Behaviour Focus of the Week – The Flying Pig Award

We have been delighted with the effort of all the forms!

Flying PigThis week’s winners are:  4W with 17 PIG TOKENS!!!

Next week’s focus is:  ‘walking on the left–hand side of the corridor’




Mathletics Awards:


Mathletics GOLD Award (20 Bronze) – Ethan P, George E & Issac W

Times Tables

2,5 and 10 multiplication and division facts:


Isaac W

Playing music



Music – Instrumental Project

Clarinettist James B





Congratulations to Isaac M who finished 7th for national 25m Butterfly at the IAPS competition. His time was 17:58 .

Congratulations also to Hou Yu in the Arnold Ernhale open meet. He achieved FIVE 1st place trophies

400m and 200m Individual Medley

400m and 200 M Front Crawl

200m Breaststroke

Not surprisingly, he  scored as ‘TOP BOY’ for his age group.

Student of WeekStudents of the Week.

Year 6 collectively for the mature and sensible manner in which they have conducted themselves during SATs week.


Infant & Junior School Assemblies

May 7th and 8th 2015

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!



Star Certificates:


Reception:      Oskar A  for – fantastic rewriting of the
Bear Hunt story.Bear



Year1B:           Nihal S for keeping the 1B classroom organised and tidy!
Tidying Up





Year 1F:           Edward M – for doubling numbers

Year 2W:         Nathan SExcellent handwriting
Writing 2




Year 2B:          Isa S-K for mapping of the school grounds
Treasure Map


Squirrel 2



School Squirrel:

Tarun B – Being sensible and independent in the classroom
Well done

Year1B:           Lucas B for – working really hard with his spellings and reading in class. Keep it up!


Year 1F:          
James S – for such a  positive attitude to learning
Well done

Year 2W:         Millen R – always good behaviour
Smiles 3
Year 2B:          Marley P for being a super member of 2B and always being responsible
Well done

We congratulated Arun S on the success of his football team who have won the league. What a fantastic trophy!

Lovell 07 May


Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.

John Lennon

 May 8th 2015, 70th Anniversary of VE Day

Flying PigBehaviour Focus of the Week – The Flying Pig Award

We have been delighted with the effort of all the forms!

This week’s winners are: 5C (14 tokens)

Next week’s focus is:  ‘Walk quietly in and around School’

Honour Points Certificates:
One Star
Joe C, Rayan M, Robert G, Neel B, Callum  & Toyan G

Two Stars
William C, Rishav A, Saif A, Aman C, Ashley H, Marcus S, James M, Jack D, Alfie A, Zain K, Arnav S, Matthew B & Saahat S


Mathletics Awards:
Mathletics  2 Silver (10 Bronze) – Shuban Y

Times Tables
12 x 12 multiplication facts:
William H & Kapil K
12 x 12 division facts:  Alec S

Playing music


Charlie V has achieved Grade 3 Piano


Instrumental Project
Trumpeter      Harry G
Trombonist    Cholan S
Clarinettist     Alex B

Eco & School Councils

Our Eco and School Council Reps are to receive their badges (at last!) after much delay, due to circumstances beyond our control.

School Council badge

School Council
6G        Imran Z
6S        Aditya M
5A        Alex W
5C        Max M S
5S        Joseph M
4S        Matthew B
4W       Noah B
3S        Ryan M
3W       Krish B

Eco Council badge
Eco Council
6G        Joseph P
6S        Joe C
5A        Zamel S
5C        William A
5S        Ethan R
4S        Zayan B
4W       Vuyo M
3S        Seth D
3W       James B

Tae Kwon-Do
Congratulations to Sam G who has achieved his Black Belt!

Over Easter, Alex W represented England at the Ozawa Cup in Las Vegas and was awarded 2 participation medals.

Rugby BallRugby
Leon E’s team Hinckley RFC were the Rugby Tournament Winners 2015
Charlie V was also in this festival as well as the Doncaster R.F. Festival.


Congratulations to Shlok B who swims for Nottingham Northern Swimming Club
He has achieved:
1st  Boys 7s      U25m Breaststroke
2nd Boys 7s       U25m  Backstroke
3rd Boys 7s       U25m Freestyle
Swimmer of the Month award

Student of WeekStudent of the Week

Alex Cochrane for an act of kindness towards a friend without being prompted



April 30th and May 1st 2015

Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Star CertificateStar Certificates:

Reception Charlie M. for working very hard in phonicsSepllings
Year1B:     FrogKavin R for fantastic independent writing about the life cycle of a frog!
Year 1F: Oscar A for being a superstar in class. Superstar
Year 2W: Learnign to writeMyal A. for making a positive start to the term and working hard
Year 2B: George T for starting the new term with more attitude to school and his work. Writing


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

Reception Daniel R. for improved listening skills and for following instructions more carefullyListening.png
Year1B:     Alfie A – always trying his best in lessons and working hard with his handwriting! Writing 2
Year 1F: WritingFinn R for superb effort in improving his handwriting
Year 2W: Verroshan A for always being so well behaved and sensible. Well done
Year 2B: Mental MathsThales I for  excellent problem solving in numeracy and full marks in his mental maths test.

 We were delighted that Jacob played (from memory) his two pieces from the Mansfield Music & Drama Festival where he won a certificate and a medal.

We were happy to hear that Michael S-G had achieved his green belt in Ju-jitsu.r 1st

Alfie C was awarded the 3 medals (2 at First Place and 1 at Second Place) which he achieved in a gala over Easter.

FullSizeRenderLovell 300415


“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

John Bunyan, 1628-1688


Flying Pig



Behaviour Focus of the Week – The Flying Pig Award

We have been delighted with the effort of all the forms!

This week’s winners are: 4S with 9 tokens   (Very Close to 4W)

Next week’s focus is:

Hand Up in class (please don’t shout out)

 March Honour Points:
Congratulations to the following pupils for their outstanding effort:

5 Honour Points
Jai S, Taylor B, Omar A, Isak I, Finley C-D, Zamel S, Tom C, Rohan S, Raman L, Aaron M, Oscar M, Hector M, Moulik J, Akki S, Isaac W, Krish S, Ben F, Alexander El K, Finn D, Harry T-S, Reeshav M, Thomas B,

10 Honour Points
Joshua L, Manas P, Rohan S, Namit B, Harrison P, Jai V, Rio G, Charlie V, Orlando B, Alec S , Oliver H,




Mathletics Awards:

Mathletics GOLD Award (20 Bronze)

Rohan T, Andrew B, Orlando B & Marcus S

Mathletics  2 Silver (10 Bronze)

Ewan P – Ewan has achieved two Silver Awards.

Mental Maths 



Times Tables

6,7,8 multiplication and division facts: Matthew B
3,4 and 11 times tables Robert G, Leon E
12 x 12 multiplication facts: Jack D, Rohan B, Rayan M






Gold Reading Awards:

Oliver H, James E, Rio G, Isaac M, Alexei S, Andrew B, Milad F-B & William

Bronze Reading Awards:

Max McK-S

Playing musicMusic

Cello Grade 1 Benjamin T
Trumpet Grade 4 Viraj D & Rohan S
Grade 2 Joshua L
Violin Grade 2 Alexei S
Piano Grade 2 Thomas G
Trombone Grade 2 Oscar M

William H entered the Mansfield Music & Drama Festival and came 3rd in the Piano Solo- informal category.


Rugby BallRugby
Harry E was part of the Nottingham Corsairs Team which won the Premeriship ruby Cup for the 2014/15 season.


Report on ESSA East Midland regional round at Louth, Lincs on Friday 24th April, 2015.
After a busy afternoon at NHIJS Sports Day, Neel B, Joseph P, Viraj D, Isaac M and Hou Yu L travelled for two hours to Louth, Lincolnshire to take part in the East Midlands regional round for ESSA (English Schools Swimming Association). The first event was a straight final for the freestyle relay teams where we swam against five other strong schools and came third qualifying for a place at the National Finals at Ponds Forge, Sheffield on Saturday 20th June. In our second event we came a very close 4th in the medley relay, missing out on third place by a quarter of a second! The children were fantastic and showed great sportsmanship and maturity. Well done!

Mrs HJ Whittamore


We are delighted to announce that our U11 Football Team are the East Nottingham League Champions.


Student of WeekStudent of the Week.

Congratulations to Muhammad M in 3W who has been nominated for being a great supportive friend.

Ryaan M for excellent motivation towards achieving the behaviour focus of the week and in leading and encouraging his class. (His effort has also been excellent in all my lessons).