Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

5th & 6th March 2015

Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Star Certificate 

Star Certificates:

Reception Dimitris G. for working very hard at his reading and making super progress Reading
Year1B:     QueenArchie S – his fabulous role play ideas as King Archie! 
Year 1F: Stuart H – super behaviour around School Well done
Year 2W: Mental MathsSam G. for great perseverance with a really hard numeracy problem. 
Year 2B: Tunde A for decoding braille Braille 


Squirrel 2

School Squirrel:

Reception Vismay G. for always being so keen to share his fantastic general knowledge with everyone in Reception Well done
Year1B:      QueenNihal S – his careful listening when following instructions to make a crown 
Year 1F: Maxwell C – Excellent story mapping work Map 
Year 2W: GlassesMyal A for being so sensible with his new glasses
Year 2B: Sam G for being kind and responsible when looking after Adit. Well done 

 Hukam S played ‘Pop, goes the Weasel’ today and Matthew M. 2B – The Bullfrog

IMG_0185 Sq 050315


There are 2 types of people in life:

Radiators – radiate warmth and enthusiasm.     Drains – drain you dry.

World Book Day 2015  World Book Day, Thursday 5th March 2015

Fancy Dress competition (as adjudicated by Jeff Norton) Overall winner – Jake D Individual form winners: 3W – William H – The boy stood on the burning deck (‘Casabianca’) 3S – Seth D – Fox (“Foxes Fury”) 4S – Zayan B – ‘as regular as clockwork’ 4W – William W – The King from ‘Sing a song of sixpence’ 5C – Cole T-S – ‘as mad as a hatter’ 5S – James M – ‘shot himself in the foot’ ( idiom) 5A – Joshua L – ‘Daffodils’ – Wordsworth 6G – Hassan M – as blue as an ocean 6S – Adam W – ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ – Wilfred Owen

IMG_3876 World Book Day

Mathletics.pngMathletics Awards: Mathletics GOLD Award (20 Bronze) – James B & Vijay M-S

Mathletics  2 Silver (10 Bronze) – Aman C & James C

Times Tables 6,7,8 multiplication and division facts: Kapil K, Oliver E, Rohan B 2,5,10 times tables – Krish S, Muhammad M 3,4 and 11 times tables – Noah B, Tom C

 Playing musicMusic Project Player of the week:

Viiolinist William H (for 24.02.15 & 03.03.15)!
Cellist Joshua M
Flautists Kapil K
Oboist Alec S


Footballer Football Luca V’s team ‘West Bridgford Titans’ were awarded U9 Sat Runners Up for 2014.

Year 6 A team won 4-1. Fairfield were the better team first half, but we somehow managed to get to half time 0-0. The second half was much better. We showed much more composure on the ball and passed to team mates much more accurately.

Goals from Thomas CDF, Alex C & Aamran ensured a 4-1 win.

Our B team won 3-2 in what was a closely contested match. Fairfield went 1-0 up, but late goals from Ryaan, Sukumar and Amun led us to victory. Man of the match was Sukumar V

U10s A Won 5-1 (Goals: Isaac, Harrison, Aamar, Rui, Max)

Good performances from Hector – great tackling in defence. We were very good going forward, but still need to work on passing the ball earlier. Defensively we did okay but need to be tighter with our marking. Overall it was a great effort from the team.

U10s B Drew 1-1. (Scorer: Mo)

They were leading 1-0 until the last kick of the match, which saw Fairfield score the equaliser.

On Thursday, the Under 10s team won 3-2 at Scotholme. After conceding early in the match, we battled hard to come back into it. Scotholme were much stronger and quicker than the last time we played them. They have a huge goalkeeper! Goals from Max (2) and Aamar (1).

Max was ‘Man of the Match’, as he really shone today. He carried the team and pushed things forward when it was looking tough.

Rugby BallRugby

Harry E was awarded Man of the Week for Nottingham Corsairs


SwimmingSwimming On the first Monday 23rd February, the u10 and u11 A teams set off to Bromsgrove School for the regional rounds of the I.A.P.S. swimming competition. This was one of the regional rounds for a national competition involving just Independent schools whereby schools participate at various regional galas throughout the country. The galas are officiated by ASA officials and times are taken for each stroke at each age group as well as for relay teams and then compared with those from schools nationwide. The individual swimmers who have achieved the top 16 fastest times and the top 12 relay teams are then invited to a finals gala which takes on 11th May 2015 at K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley, West Sussex.

There were 10 schools participating in the regional round that we attended. All of the boys swam exceedingly well, with many achieving personal best times in their events against strong competition:

Event Name Time Position in heat
U10 freestyle relay Hou Yu, Charlie V, Harrison and Isaac M 16.66, 20.52, 19.02 & 17.79 2nd
U11 freestyle relay Neel, Harry E, George R & Joseph P 18.26, 19.44, 19.19 & 18.57 3rd
U10 25m backstroke Milad 26.46 secs 3rd
U10 25m breaststroke Charlie V 25.54 secs 2nd
U10 25m freestyle Hou Yu 16.27 secs 2nd
U10 25m butterfly Isaac M 17.91 secs 1st
U11 25m butterfly Harry E 23.55 secs 3rd
U11 50m backstroke Neel B 46.48 secs 2nd
U11 50m breaststroke Viraj 53.30 secs 3rd
U11 50m freestyle Joseph P 40.60 secs 4th
U10 medley relay Milad, Charlie V, Isaac M & Hou Yu 27.52, 27.44, 18.23 & 17,27=1.30.46 4th
U11 medley relay Neel, Viraj, Harry E & Joseph P 21.32, 26.09, 23.91 & 19.69=1.31.01 3rd

The swimmers were a credit to themselves and to the school.

We now wait for all the times to be put together nationally to see how we have done nationally.

 Report for Bromsgrove Invitational relay gala On Monday 2nd March, our fastest A and B team swimmers travelled to Worcester to participate in a huge invitational gala involving 16 independent school teams from 8 different counties. This is a relays only event where the teams swim in heats and the fastest 6 teams qualify for the “A” final and the next 6 fastest teams qualify for the “B” final.

Our Medley A relay team swam first, coming 3rd in their heat and qualifying for the A final; unfortunately our B team were disqualified due to an early takeover (but learnt from the experience!). Our A team then swam exceedingly well in the Medley A final and came 3rd overall, gaining certificates and medals for their achievements.

Next it was the freestyle events; our A team came 3rd in their heat and qualified for the A final and our B team swam well also coming 3rd in their heat and qualified for the B final. Our A team then swam very well against very strong competition in the A final and came 6th overall Our B team came 5th overall in their final.

It was an amazing experience for all our boys to swim so well against very strong competition and again some of our boys gained personal best times. The boys were a credit to themselves and the school in terms of swimming and behaviour and really pulled together as a team. I was particularly impressed with their sportsmanship too, supporting any swimmers who were last to finish and also encouraging the Senior School team. Well done! Mrs HJ Whittamore

Certificates and medals were awarded to the team.

Bromsgrove relays, 2015 002  Bromsgrove relays, 2015 003






Student of Week  Student of the Week.

Arandeep M who, despite being on the ski trip, managed to learn all his lines for the Year 5 play! Great effort!

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