Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

February 26th & 27th

 Infants at Lovell House

Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Star Certificate

Star Certificates:

Reception Ben N – trying hard to use finger spaces in his writing. Learnign to write
Year 1B:      WhitbyOm K – his wonderful behaviour on our trip to Ikea
Year 1F: James S – for sharing equally in Numeracy Mental Maths
Year 2W:  poetryMillen R for some fantastic sports poetry work
Year 2B: James B for super rhyming couplets Rhymes


Squirrel 2 School Squirrel:

Reception Rhys N – improved concentration Well done
Year 1B:      First AidUmair N – looking after his friend when he had hurt himself. What a star!


Year 1F: Eron B – super behaviour Well done
Year 2W:  WritingArun S for improved focus on lessons.
Year 2B: Nathan S-P for being a very valuable member of the class and always keeping us smiling Well done


Today, in assembly: we were delighted to listen to ‘Science Lesson’ played by Finn R. and ‘Mud Monsters’ played by Sam G.



The future has many names: For the weak it means the unattainable, for the fearful it means the unknown. For the courageous it means opportunity.

Victor Hugo

5 HonoursHonour Point Certificates up to end Jan 2015

10 Honour Points Andrew B, Alex B, Milad F-B, Zayan B,
William H

5 Honour Points Cholan S, Abdullah S, Vijay M-S, Harrison P, Reuben C,  Aman C, Marcus S, Yusuf B, Zain K, Naveen B, James Ratan, Cole T-S, Luca R-A, James E, Zachary R, Chris M, Jack D, Amarjit S, Tom G, Imran Z, Abhishek T, Aditya M, Ben H, Rohan B, Arnav S, Oliver H, Fareed K, Rehan B, Matthew B, Arunabh D, William C, Rio G, Ashley H, Alec S, Harry E, Namit B

MysteryCreativity Homework Congratulations to the vast majority of you for the fantastic creativity homework that you have submitted. Certificates have been awarded to:

Leon E, Arnav S, Rayan M, Gwilym M, Ollie H, Hasan A, Aamran A, Adnan B, Hugo B, Matthew B, Thomas B, Joseph C, Euan C, William C, Viraj D, Arunabh D,

Matthew E, Harry H, Aditya M, George R, Amun S, Yuvraj S, Vithurshan S, Rohan T, Abhishek T, William T, Angus T, Cholan S, Ben H, Shlok S B, Krish S, Chris M, George E, Charlie V, Moulik J, Joshua L, Alex W, Manas P, Oscar M, Jake D, Daniel M, Rohan S, Edward M and Rohan S


Mathletics Awards:


Mathletics GOLD Award (20 Bronze) Arandeep M, HouYu L, William A, Isaac M, Alexander El-K, Alexei S, Saif A, James M, Jacob C, Jack D, Finn D, Josh L, Milad F-B, Vuyo M, Luca V, Naveen B and Abdullah A

Mathletics  2 Silver (10 Bronze) Harrison P, Josh McK, Charlie V, Krrish M, Robert G, Charlie V and James B

Times Tables

3,4 and 11 times tables Harry E
12 x 12 multiplication facts: Matthew H and Matthew B
12 x 12 division facts: Amaran A , William T


Playing music


Music Project Player of the week:

Cellist Omar A and Ben F
Flautists Isaac W
Oboist Alfie A


FootballerFootball Unfortunately, the U10s team lost 6-0 on Monday to Carnarvon Primary.

Some very good performances from all but especially, Oscar M in goal, Josh L in defence and Rui D-M on the wing.

The U10s won 5-0 at Brocklewood on Tuesday. A good all-round performance with goals from Isaac M (2), Max M-S (2), Ethan R (1).

Unfortunately our U11s lost 4-0 to Canarvon school on Monday.

On Wednesday, they competed in the ISFA TOURNAMENT. We finished group winners after winning 5 and drawing 1 of our 6 group matches. We then won 2-0 in the quarter final. In the semi-final, despite dominating the match, the score finished 0-0. We eventually lost 4-3 on penalties.

A great performance from all of the squad. In 8 matches we only conceded 1 goal, thanks to the brilliant defensive efforts of Alastair S and Alex C, and the superb goalkeeping of Noah C.

SkiingSkiing Well done to all who took part in the ski trip – all of you managed to achieve a bronze, silver or gold award for the slalom race

Congratulations to Jack D for his skiing Diploma.



Horse RidingHorse Riding Congratulations, to James who attended Broadview Riding Club and looked after a pony for a day.




100Effort Mr Miller would like to congratulate Ben H on some extra work he has been doing at home.




Student of WeekStudent of the Week

Krish S for perseverance and determination in conquering the challenge of swimming!

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