Infant & Junior School Assemblies

January 22nd

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 MC900431611[1]  Star Certificates: IMG_0179 Stars

Reception Thomas F for super reading progress Glasses
Year1B:     Mental MathsLucas B working hard in numeracy and trying to solve Sudoku puzzles
Year 1F: Yuvraj N – for fantastic listening skills Listening.png
Year 2W: Working HardEuan D for really good work finding features of a non-fiction text
Year 2B: Nathan S-P – for working really hard and displaying great general knowledge. 100


Squirrel 2  School Squirrel: IMG_0176 Sq

Reception Ayaan Q for always being kind and helpful to the other children. Kind


Year1B:     GlassesKavin R – his fantastic reading and enjoying of books. Well done
Year 2W: Joseph R for making a really positive effort to stay focused in lessons 100
Year 1F: poetryJames S – for writing a super poem
Year 2B: Isa S-K for trying harder in lessons and making good progress with his reading Enthusiastic



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