Infant & Junior School Assemblies

January 15th and 16th 2015

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Star Certificate 

Star Certificates:

Reception Rohan S for colour mixing with powder paints Artwork 
Year1B:     JellyArchie S – fantastic instructional writing of how to make a jelly in science 
Year 1F: James S for a fantastic Paddington book review Paddington
Year 2W: Well doneJoshua P for always working hard
Year 2B: Sahibdeep T for writing a fantastic story beginning Writing 2


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

Reception William F for being polite and trying hard Well done 
Year1B:     ReadingJacob T for excellent reading both at home and at school 
Year 2W: Nathan S for polite manners and a friendly attitude inside and outside the classroom.Smiles 3
Year 2B: Adit G – being very responsible carrying out class jobs. Tidying Up

 Well done also to Finn R. on his tennis certificate and George W. on his football trophy!

100_4047 15 Jan


Intelligence plus character, that is the true goal of education.

Martin Luther King, 15.01.1929 – 04.04.1968


Primary Maths  Primary Maths Challenge

Congratulations to Adi M, Neel B and Rohan T who are through to Round 2 of Maths Challenge.


DAGFA – Nottingham Maths Challenge

Congratulations to our amazing team who came 1st: Rohan T, Adi M, Neel B and Rishav M

Thanks are due to Jai V who was reserve, helped enormously in the presentation and then was so mature in not actually attending.

5 HonoursMathletics Awards:
Shuban Y     Mathletics Gold Award (20 Bronze)

Silver Awards:
Lohit D        Isak I          Aman C    Krish B
Zayan B,   Luca V, Abdullah S, Moulik J, Vijay S

Times Tables

6,7,8 multiplication and division facts: Saahat S, Cholan S
12 x 12 multiplication facts: Saahat S, Joshua L,
12 x 12 division facts: Zayan B

 Playing musicMusic Project Player of the week:

Trombonist Abdullah A., Taylor B., Ethan P.,
Trumpeter Seth D, Namit B
Cellist Shuban Y

 The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music

Arrandeep M Grade 1 Oboe

AthleticsCross Country

City Schools Championship
Congratulations to our Junior School team who came 1st and Isaac M, Harry H, Hou Yu L and William T who have been selected to represent City Schools at County Level.


Student of WeekStudent of the Week.

Ben Lai, for his honesty – he found £1.50 in the cloakrooms by the pupils’ entrance and handed it in to me.


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