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Infant & Junior School Assemblies

January 22nd

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 MC900431611[1]  Star Certificates: IMG_0179 Stars

Reception Thomas F for super reading progress Glasses
Year1B:     Mental MathsLucas B working hard in numeracy and trying to solve Sudoku puzzles
Year 1F: Yuvraj N – for fantastic listening skills Listening.png
Year 2W: Working HardEuan D for really good work finding features of a non-fiction text
Year 2B: Nathan S-P – for working really hard and displaying great general knowledge. 100


Squirrel 2  School Squirrel: IMG_0176 Sq

Reception Ayaan Q for always being kind and helpful to the other children. Kind


Year1B:     GlassesKavin R – his fantastic reading and enjoying of books. Well done
Year 2W: Joseph R for making a really positive effort to stay focused in lessons 100
Year 1F: poetryJames S – for writing a super poem
Year 2B: Isa S-K for trying harder in lessons and making good progress with his reading Enthusiastic



Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

January 22nd and 23rd 2015

Infants at Lovell House

Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!


Star Certificate

Star Certificates:

Reception Ben J for fantastic phonics work Sepllings
Year 1B:     PaddingtonAlfie A – for working very hard making his 3D Paddington Bear
Year 1F: Roman E for fantastic poetry work poetry
Year 2W: Well doneSasmeet S for making an effort to ‘speed up’ with his work and good manners.
Year 2B: George T – excellent drawing of a steam train Steam Train


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

Reception Aaron S for asking for help when needed Enthusiastic
Year 1B:     Well doneCharles D – always being helpful and great problem solving ideas.
Year 2W: Alfie C for good use of speech marks when writing a conversation Writing 2
Year 2B: KindHesham K – always being polite and being a super member of the class.



Well doneWell done also to Finn on his tennis medal and Hesham on his football and cricket medalsl!





You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Christopher Robin



Mathletics Awards:

Mathletics GOLD Award (20 Bronze) Ryan M, Seth D and Joseph M

Mathletics 2 Silver (10 Bronze) Amarjit S, Akash S, Finlay CD, Orlando B, Tom C, Jagpal S, Josh McK, Oscar M and Kapil K

Times Tables

6,7,8 multiplication and division facts: Rio G, Rayan M, Rohan B, Yusuf B and Shuban Y
3,4 and 11 times tables William H, Alex B and Luca V
12 x 12 division facts: Sam G


Creative Writing Competition
Year 3 – Omar A and Yusuf B
(Highly Commended = Abdullah A)
Year 4 – Jacob C and Rohan B
(Highly Commended = Isak I and Zayan B)
Year 5 – Zamel S, Hou Yu L, Manas P and Luca R-A
(Highly Commended = Ben T, Arrandeep M and Charlie V. )

Year 6 (judged by the Senior School)
1st Place
Hugo B – ( for ‘clever use of personification, sustained viewpoint and precise use of language’)
2nd Place Rohan Shah -(for his Nativity piece, written from the viewpoint of the donkey – ‘very original; well-controlled viewpoint’)
3rd Equal Zac R and Amun S

Highly Commended:
Adnan B, William C, Alex C, Daniel M, Rohan Shenoy, Rohan T, Abhishek T, Angus T and Imran Z

Playing music


Music Music Project Player of the week:

Trombonist Ethan P., Taylor B
Trumpeter Namit B., Harry G
Cellist Joshua M
Flautists Isaac W.,
Oboist Alec S
Clarinettist Nikhil S
Violinist Ben H


Music Certificates:
The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music

Joshua L Grade 3 (Merit) Piano



Mr Simpson says: The 6 boys I took to the County Finals (Winners of each of the district 5-a-side competitions) on Wednesday night were a credit to the school!  Their behaviour was exemplary and they were a pleasure to take.  The competition was incredibly high and we needed to win the last game to finish first, but unfortunately lost 2-1, so finally finished in 3rd place.  All of the players were fantastic.

Game 1   W 4-2
Game 2   Broomhill L 2-1
Game 3   Awsworth W 1-0
Game 4   Barnaby Road D 0-0
Game 5   Edwalton L 2-1

Congratulations to Hou Yu L who participated in the Nottinghamshire ASA Winter Gala and achieved Gold for: 50m Breaststroke. Silver for: 50m Frontcrawl and 50m Backstroke, 200m Breaststroke and 200m Individual Medley. Bronze for: 50m Butterfly, 200m Backstroke and 200m Frontcrawl.



Medals were awarded to Sahat S, Otto G and Jai S.


Student of Week Student of the Week

Congratulations to William C who was nominated for his excellent approach to Buddy Reading. He was encouraging to his partner and used his own initiative to help another child (who did not have a partner) to find a replacement book and to Noah C for some incredible saves throughout the County Finals tournament and for representing the school so well with exemplary behaviour.

DSCF2459 DSCF2457


Infant & Junior School Assemblies

January 15th and 16th 2015

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Star Certificate 

Star Certificates:

Reception Rohan S for colour mixing with powder paints Artwork 
Year1B:     JellyArchie S – fantastic instructional writing of how to make a jelly in science 
Year 1F: James S for a fantastic Paddington book review Paddington
Year 2W: Well doneJoshua P for always working hard
Year 2B: Sahibdeep T for writing a fantastic story beginning Writing 2


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

Reception William F for being polite and trying hard Well done 
Year1B:     ReadingJacob T for excellent reading both at home and at school 
Year 2W: Nathan S for polite manners and a friendly attitude inside and outside the classroom.Smiles 3
Year 2B: Adit G – being very responsible carrying out class jobs. Tidying Up

 Well done also to Finn R. on his tennis certificate and George W. on his football trophy!

100_4047 15 Jan


Intelligence plus character, that is the true goal of education.

Martin Luther King, 15.01.1929 – 04.04.1968


Primary Maths  Primary Maths Challenge

Congratulations to Adi M, Neel B and Rohan T who are through to Round 2 of Maths Challenge.


DAGFA – Nottingham Maths Challenge

Congratulations to our amazing team who came 1st: Rohan T, Adi M, Neel B and Rishav M

Thanks are due to Jai V who was reserve, helped enormously in the presentation and then was so mature in not actually attending.

5 HonoursMathletics Awards:
Shuban Y     Mathletics Gold Award (20 Bronze)

Silver Awards:
Lohit D        Isak I          Aman C    Krish B
Zayan B,   Luca V, Abdullah S, Moulik J, Vijay S

Times Tables

6,7,8 multiplication and division facts: Saahat S, Cholan S
12 x 12 multiplication facts: Saahat S, Joshua L,
12 x 12 division facts: Zayan B

 Playing musicMusic Project Player of the week:

Trombonist Abdullah A., Taylor B., Ethan P.,
Trumpeter Seth D, Namit B
Cellist Shuban Y

 The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music

Arrandeep M Grade 1 Oboe

AthleticsCross Country

City Schools Championship
Congratulations to our Junior School team who came 1st and Isaac M, Harry H, Hou Yu L and William T who have been selected to represent City Schools at County Level.


Student of WeekStudent of the Week.

Ben Lai, for his honesty – he found £1.50 in the cloakrooms by the pupils’ entrance and handed it in to me.


Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

January 8th and 9th 2015

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Gold Star

Star Certificates:

Reception Oskar A for working hard with Miss Clarke Working Hard
Year1B:     ReadingBen M for hard work with his reading both at home and at school
Year 1F: Finn R – working towards his challenge targets in all lessons Well done
Year 2W:  Working HardVerroshan A for starting the new term by working hard in lessons.
Year 2B: Nathan S-P for finding and recording similarities & differences between two stories.

100_4137 Jan 8th

Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

Reception Chris E for his enthusiastic approach to everything! Enthusiastic
Year1B:     QueenNico B for his excellent question writing to the Queen
Year 1F: Stuart H fantastic questions about London London
Year 2W: EnthusiasticRafe R for coming back to school with enthusiasm
Year 2B: Michael S-G for being a kind and thoughtful member of 2B Kind



Sometimes it feels like there are so many things in this world we can’t control. Earthquakes, floods, acts of violence… But it’s important to remember the things that we can. Like forgiveness, second chances, fresh starts…


Mathletics Gold Honour Point Certificates
Congratulations to the following pupils who have achieved 5 HPs, a total of 50 merits. Rishav A, Saif A, Abdullah A, Zayan B, Orlando B, Matthew B, Andrew B, Alex B, Krish B, Noah B, Jacob C, Seth D, Milad F-B, William H, Hou Yu Le, Joshua L, Rayan M, Arrandeep M, Joseph M, Ryan M, James M, Krrish M, Vuyo M, Manas P, Saahat S, Rohan S, Marcus S, Rohan T, Ben T,  Charlie V, Jai V, Luca V & Shuban Y

Mental MathsMathletics Awards: 2 silver certificates Luca V, Arnav S, Tom C, Saahat S, Zain K & Christopher M



Writing 2Handwriting Congratulations to James E for putting great effort into improving his writing.




Playing music


Music Project Player of the week:

Clarinettist Chris M
Flautist Kapil K
Oboist Alfi A

 The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music

Instrument Grade Pupil
Trumpet Grade 2 Andrew B
Violin Grade 2 Cole T-S
Saxophone (Alto) Grade 3 Charlie V
(Soprano) Grade 1 Arnav S
Piano Grade 1 Alastair S
Grade 3 Jack D
Cello Grade 1 George R
Oliver E
Tom G
Finn D
William A


Congratulations to Joshua L who achieved his ‘Yeti2’ skiing award


Student of WeekStudent of the Week.

Imran Z for super initiative and self-motivation. (Overnight he has researched the new Science topic and produced 4 sides of A4 word processed work incorporating his knowledge gained from the introductory lesson yesterday and his own research.)