Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

17th December 2014

 ChessWorld Chess Championships

Congratulations to Adi M who came joint 3rd in the World Schools Chess Championship and 7th overall in rankings. He achieved 6.5 points out of 9.


Mental MathsMaths:

Maths Times Tables:

2, 5, 10 times tables : Ben F 3, 4 & 11 times tables : Nikhil S 12x division facts : Zain K

Mathletics Awards:
10 Bronze awards = 2 Silver Awards for:
George R
Adam W
Matthew E
Zachary R
Marcus S
Gwilym M
Harvey J
Jack D
Nikhil S
Naveen B
Matthew B
Noah B
Zayan B
Vuyo M
Rohan B
Harrison S
Arrandeep M
Rohan S.
Leon E
Arnav S
Rayan M
Ashley H
William W
Azaan M

Playing musicMusic

Congratulations to Alfie A who has achieved his Prep test for Piano with glowing reviews from the examiner.




Mathletics GoldReading Awards

James B, Alfie A, Ben F, Abdullah A, Jai S, Kapil K, Alex B, Oliver H, Alexei S, Luca R-A, Isaac M, Rio G, Milad F-B, James E, Andrew B, William A, Rui D-M, George E, Harry G, Nikhil S, Ethan P, Isaac W, Oscar M, Alexander El K,

Alex W, Joshua L, Saif A, Charlie V, Manas P, Vijay M S, Orlando B, Gwilym M, Rayan M, Mohintan A, Luca V, Arnav S, Noah B, Isak I, Harvey J, Finlay C-D, Alex C, Edward M, Joseph P, Dillon S, Rohan S, Rohan S, Harry T-S, Jai V, Imran Z, James R, Hasan A, Neel B, Hugo B, Thomas B, Joe C, Euan C, William C, Arunabh D, Adi M, George R, Amun S, Tom G, Arrandeep M, Joseph M, Zayan B, Naveen B, Rohan B, Jack D, Toyan G, Robert G, Ashley H, Zain K, Azaan M, Ewan P, Harrison S & Dean S.

HHIJS Group B Tournament Results:
1st Charlie V
2nd Akki S
3rd Arrandeep M.

Rugby BallRugby The U11 A & B teams played very well this week in Hull, both teams contested well and scored plenty of tries. Unfortunately both teams lost fairly narrowly, the A’s lost 21 to 27 and the B’s lost 25 – 15.

The rugby from Wednesday were not as positive although the boys played with great effort.

U11s lost 28-5 (try scored by Joseph P) U10s drew 25-25 (tries scored by Isaac M (3), Harrison P, Max McK.

Harry E has been awarded ‘Man of the Match’ for his club, Paviors at the recent Coalville Festival.

Creativity CupHouse Rugby Results:
1st – Trease’s – 27pts
2nd – Tonkin’s – 21pts
3rd – Ball’s – 15pts
4th – Hardy’s – 9pts


House Cross Country
Year 3
1st – Cholan Sundar – Tr
2nd – George Emmerson – Tr
3rd – James Bowden – B

1st – Trease’s
2nd – Ball’s
3rd – Hardy’s
4th – Tonkin’s

Year 4
1st – Luca Vergari – Tr
2nd – Mathew Bancroft – Tr
3rd – Thomas Bavin – H

1st – Trease’s
2nd – Tonkin’s
3rd – Hardy’s
4th – Ball’s

Year 5
1st – Hou Yu Lei – H
2nd – Alex Winter – T
3rd – Mo Shonde – Tr

1st – Tonkin’s
2nd – Hardy’s
3rd – Trease’s
4th – Ball’s

Year 6
1st – Harry H – T
2nd – William T– B
3rd – Alastair S – T

1st – Tonkin’s
2nd – Trease’s
3rd – Ball’s
4th – Hardy’s

Creativity CupOverall Result
1st – Tonkin’s
2nd – Trease’s
3rd – Hardy’s
4th – Ball’s


Congratulation to Angus T who has had his poem published on Brian Moses’ website.


ChoirChoir Viraj D. had an unexpected opportunity literally last minute to sing in a choir with ‘Friday Voices’ at St John’s Carrington Church in Nottingham for a charity concert ‘ Little Lives, Big Journeys’ on last Saturday 6th December. The conductor and group were impressed by his understanding of singing and praised the school for his brilliant performance .



Mo S has achieved Water Skills Grade 2.

Hou Yu has achieved 1st place in the Club Championship U9 group and also brok the club’s records in the 50m Breastroke and the 200m Individual Medley!

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