Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

25th and 26th September 2014

 Infants at Lovell House

Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 SMC900431611[1]tar Certificates: DSCF2426

Reception:   William F for writing a super yummy shopping list. Shopping List
Year 1B:       Pengiun Archie S for his fantastic penguin made in Art
Year 1F: Roman E for his letter to Author Oliver Jeffers Letter
Year 2W: Smiles 3Sam G – for excellent descriptive work
Year 2B: Marley P – super problem solving involving money. Money


Squirrel 2School Squirrel: DSCF2424

Reception:          Smiles 3Ben N for being a polite and well-mannered boy every day.
Year1B:       Charles – excellent news writing in Literacy News
Year 1F: James – for working increasingly independently in the classroom Writing
Year 2W: SmileFletcher P – for settling in to 2W so well and good manners
Year 2B: Nathan S-P – Always being very polite and well mannered. Smiles 3


We were very happy to present Miss Higgins with a little card and gift this morning to wish her well for her ‘new arrival’.




In honour of National Punctuation Day:

The difference between a cat and a comma – a cat has paws at the end of its claws and a comma is a pause at the end of a clause!

Creativity CupCreativity Cup Winners:




Genuine congratulations to all pupils (and families) for the fantastic homework projects for the Creativity Cup! The staff (and the Governors who came to look around on Monday) have been truly amazed at the breadth of ideas, creativity, effort and hard work which you have afforded this task.

Finalists were:

DSCF2431DSCF2441  DSCF2433

3S     Ben H.          ‘Nottingham Histories’
3W    Krish B.       ‘Trent Bridge’

4S     Zain K          ‘Highlights of Nottingham’
4W    Isak I.         ‘My Nottingham’

DSCF2437DSCF2430 DSCF2435

5A     Jake D.        ‘A to Z of Nottingham’
5C      Oliver H.      ‘Nottingham Histories’
5S     James M.     ‘Nottingham Tram’


6G    Jai V.       ‘HP Sauce’
6S     Rohan T.       ‘Goosefair’

DSCF2445 Congratulations to Jai who won the Creativity Cup.

 Mental MathsMaths: William T multiplication to 12 x 12




Playing music Music Certificates:

Arrandeep M         Piano  Grade 1 , with Merit
James R                 Flute  Grade 2


Football A good start to the football season for the U10s this week, with a 6-0 win vs Brocklewood. Goals were from Isaac M. (4) and Max Mc-S (2).

Our Year 6 footballers defeated St Augustine 4-1 yesterday. Goals from Alex C. (2), William T. and Thomas C. De-F. ensured a well-deserved win.

With some clinical finishing it could have been double figures!

A good start to the U11 season.


Dance Alexei S      Grade 3 Ballet       Distinction.




Cricket Congratulations to Adam K who was awarded Caythorpe Cricket Club’s U12 ‘Bowler of the Year’ trophy, 2014.



Martial ArtsMartial Arts

Alex W has achieved his karate brown belt.



Student of WeekStudent of the Week
Ben T for his effort in the U10s football match yesterday where he gave 100%. He was on the receiving end of quite a nasty tackle but took it on the chin (literally) and was gracious to the culprit who made the poor challenge. He got up and carried on playing without moaning and won a penalty for our team in the process.


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