11th and 12th September 2014

 Infants at Lovell House

Squirrel 2

 Well done! You did your best, Well done! We’re so impressed, Well done! Congratulations, You deserve the praises!

 Respect, Reach and Responsibility

 SMC900431611[1]tar Certificates: 100_3819

Reception:          All of Reception, for such a super first week at school Smiles 3
Year1B:       KindNico B – his kindness towards others at all times in school
Year 1F: Stuart- Fantastic Self-portrait Artwork 
Year 2W: Whitby The whole of 2W for excellent concentration and behaviour on our trip to Sudbury Hall, Museum of Childhood
Year 2B: Michael S-G. for success in partitioning of 2-digit numbers. Mathematics


Squirrel 2School Squirrel: 100_3820

Reception:          Rohan S. – for being kind, friendly and polite towards others. Kind
Year1B:       Listening Aarya S. – very careful listening in all lessons in Year 1
Year 1F: Edward M. Polite and thoughtful language Smiles 3 
Year 2W: Writing Verroshan A. for an excellent start to the school and having lovely manners.
Year 2B: Fred L. for settling in so well to his new class and school. Smiles 3

Congratulations also to Oscar, Sam and Charlie who all had awards from their clubs out of school.




“Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.”

A.A. Milne

Playing musicMusic Certificates:



Manas P                 Grade 1 Drum Kit   Distinction
Amun S                  Grade 2 Drum Kit  Distinction
Saahat S              Grade 1 Piano                   Merit
Alexei S                Grade 1 Violin                  Distinction



Student of WeekStudent of the Week

Jacob C. for thoughtful behaviour in the playground.

William H. for working extremely hard in class and being very grown up and well organised in accessing the School bus.


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