Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

Friday 20th June 2014

Infants at Lovell House

Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Respect, Reach and Responsibility

 DSCF2410We were entertained by Ethan P who played ‘Persian Market ‘




MC900431611[1]          Star Certificates: DSCF2409

Reception:          Writing 2Sam E. – for super effort with handwriting and letter formation.


Year1B:       Saad J.– his excellent recount writing about Sports Day. Well done! High Jump
Year 1F: Smiles 3Alfie C. – For learning his Summer concert performance
Year 2W: Harry E. for his great explanation writing on how to play a game of cricket Cricket
Year 2M:  Clock Harry G. – problem solving about time.


Squirrel 2   School Squirrel:  DSCF2411

Reception:          Smiles 3Umair N. – for trying hard with new things, even if he finds it difficult.
Year1B:       George T. – continued hard work with his Lovell’s Got Talent group. Good boy! Glasses
Year 1F: KindGeorge A – Being kind and polite to visitors in School
Year 2W: Ryan M. for always being kind, helpful and responsible in school Tidying Up
Year 2M: PencilNamit B. – observational drawing of the senior school


DSCF2408Oscar & Alfie A. were presented with their Karate belts and also Alfie A. with his Swimming certificates.





We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

Martin Luther King, Jr.



Annual Public Speaking Competition


1st:                         Razeen S
2nd:                        Gabe H
3rd:                        Tom B

Finalist:                 Ben W., Shivraj S., Joshua M., Ted G-D., Eoin B.

Many thanks to Dr Ben Burton for his adjudication.

MemoryJunior Memory Championship Congratulation to Tom B who finished in 9th place at the finals for the Junior Memory Championship held in London on Saturday.

Mental MathsMental Mathematics

Jake D and Reuben C     Multiplication/division 3, 4 11



Mathletics GoldMathletics Gold Awards
Jack S

2nd Mathletics Gold Awards (40 Bronze Awards)
Neel B, Amun S., William C., Euan C., Frazer L, Euan l., James C-K., Arrandeep M., Joseph M., Oliver E., Nathan H

ChoirSenior Choir

Congratulations to the Senior Choir who came 2nd at the Bolsover Festival.



The boys had a great day at the IAPS Athletics North Final in Leeds on Tuesday 17th June. Everyone performed very well with many of the boys setting PB’s.

Andrew H. finished 2nd in his heat and qualified for the final where he finished 5th. Eoin B. finished 3rd in his hurdles heat,

Oliver B. finished 5th in his 200m heat,

Yousef AM. finished 4th in the 1500m.

Kain W. finished 4th in the discus final.

Andrew H., Razeen S. and Ben W. finished 7th in their field events.

The highlight of the day for everyone was seeing Sammy K. qualify for the National IAPS finals for both the High Jump and 800m. Sammy won the high jump and finished 2nd in the 800m. This is only the second time a NHIJS boy has qualified for the National IAPS Athletics Finals. Sammy has qualified for 2 events.

Mr P Allison


Harry E has completed his Seal 1 Personal Survival Award

Isaac M is the 2014 KSC & MVM 50m Novice Champion.


Ice HockeyIce Hockey

Congratulations to Oscar M who was awarded a medal for his participation in the Telford Venom tournament 2014.


HockeyHockey Congratulations to Robert D who played in the World Youth U12 Hockey tournament over half-term. This was in Holland and was a fabulous experience. He also was able to watch England Men play Spain in the main World Cup. Robert wrote a report on the trip and this is currently featured on the front page of the England Hockey website. He is very proud to have his name on the website!

Tennis   Tennis

Congratulations to Vijay S who was awarded a prize for his Tennis Glossary entry.

Student of Week  Student of the Week 

Tom B for his outstanding commitment to
school events and his unfailing enthusiasm for school life.

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