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Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

Infant and Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Friday 23rd May 2014

Squirrel 2

Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

Respect, Reach and Responsibility

SMC900431611[1]tar Certificates:

Reception:     Money Nihal S for super money and coin work in maths.
Year1B:     Sasmeet S – his fantastic Countryside Code poster in Art. Well done Sasmeet! Countryside
Year 1F: Smiles 3James F – lovely, kind manners and sensible behaviour.
Year 2W: Isaac W – A super story with lots of description Book.jpg
Year 2M: GlassesKrish B – for excellent acting skills in story recount.


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

Reception:     Finn R for always being kind, helpful and positive within the classroom. Kind
Year1B:     Writing 2James B – his improved handwriting this week in the classroom. Keep it up James!
Year 1F: Isa S-K – working hard in numeracy lessons, particulary when ‘adding on’ Numeracy 3
Year 2W: KindHarry E – Always being kind and considerate to everyone in school
Year 2M: Ben H – for always being a helpful member of class. Tidying Up



‘Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you.’

                                                                                                                      Walt Whitman, American Poet


 Junior Memory Challenge


Congratulations to Tom B., who will be representing the School in the Junior Memory Championship Final 2014 which takes place in London. Tom was awarded the Gold Award by the Learning Skills Foundation

Razeen S., was awarded Silver and Euan L Bronze.

Well done, boys.

Mental MathsMental Mathematics


Finlay C-D        2,5,10 times multiplication and division facts.

Mathletics Gold Mathletics Gold Awards

Hassan M, Fareed K., Mohammed Z., Zakariya I., Toyan G., Aman C., Ollie H, Harvey J.,


Playing musicMusic

Performers of the week

Violin              Zayan B. & Gwilym M
Cello                Saahat S. & Noah B.
Flute                Arnav S.
Oboe               Jacob C.



We are delighted to announce that NHIJS have won the National Semi Final at Bristol on Saturday.

This means we are now in the NATIONAL Finals at Under 11 in Brean Sands at the beginning of July.

UK Chess Challenge Megafinal

U10 Supremo is Adi M. in 5S and U8 Supremo is Zayan B. in 3S. Congratulations to them on a superb performance. Certificates were presented to a number of boys who have qualified for the Megafinals.

SwimmingReport on Inter-House Swimming Gala, 2014 On Thursday 22nd May, the Inter-House swimming gala took place in the High School pool. Every single boy had taken part in the heats for front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly (Year 5 and 6) during their swimming lessons and then selections were made for boys to represent their house in individual and relay events by their House teachers. The boys swam exceedingly well; school records were broken for the Year 5/6 Butterfly, Year 5 Freestyle relay, Year 4 Freestyle relay and all of the Year 3 Freestyle relay teams broke the Year 3 school record! There were also some exceedingly close finishes in the races too – very exciting to watch. The final scores were as follows:

1st Tonkin’s 103 points
2nd Hardy’s 87 points
3rd Ball’s 77 points
4th Trease’s 70 points

Winner of the Lovett Cup: Year 6 Medley: Hardy’s

Winner of the Freestyle relay Cup: Hardy’s

Winner of the Axtell Cup: Year 6: 50m Breaststroke: Sammy K

Winner of the Cox Trophy: Year 6 50m Backstroke: Ted GD

Winner of the Monaghan: Year 6 50m Freestyle: Eoin B

Winner of the Pell Cup: Individual Medley Relay: Sammy K

Overall winning team for 2014: Tonkin’s

Well done to everyone who took part and many thanks to all the teachers involved in the successful running of the gala.

Mrs H.J.Whittamore

Student of WeekStudent of the Week.




Matthew E for being very kind to a friend on Year 5 Taster Day.DSCF2401


Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

Friday 16th May 2014

Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Respect, Reach and Responsibility

MC900431611[1]  Star Certificates:

Reception:     Oscar A – For trying really hard with his writing. Writing 2 
Year1B:     GlassesMyal A for excellent concentration in class all week. 


Year 1F: Rafe R – for excellent effort Smiles 3
Year 2W: ScholarThe class for their hard work in SATs week.
Year 2M: The whole class for their hard work in SATs week.Scholar


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

Reception:     James S – for always trying his best and for always having a smile on his face! Smile
Year1B:     Smiles 3Euan D for continued hard work with his reading at school!
Year 1F: Sam G for improved concentration Glasses
Year 2W: George E for always being kind and thoughtful to others Friends
Year 2M: Smiles 3Omar A for being kind and polite to everyone around school



We are delighted to include the following report from Mrs Whittamore:

On a wet and windy Saturday 10th May, Sammy K, Ted G-D, Ben W. and Eoin B. met at 8:30am at the Olympic sized pool at K2 Crawley. The boys were very excited because although we have had individuals go through to the finals before, we’ve never had the whole team go through. The boys entered the relays warm up confident in the knowledge that they were already in the top 12 in the country. The medley and freestyle relays were run as two timed finals…our medley team came 4th with a team best time of 1.10.09 and then our freestyle relay team came an amazing and very close first with a team best time of 1.00.17-we were all over the moon!

Next came the individual events (top 16 in the country). Ben swam his 25m butterfly in 18.03 and came 7th in his heat and 14th overall. Ted then swam his 50m backstroke and 5th in his heat and 13th overall. Sammy swam his 50m freestyle in 31.21, came 2nd in his heat and qualified for the top 8 in the country! He then swam in the top 8 finals and came an admirable 7th against some phenomenal competition with 31.34.

In overall position with points added up for all the events on the day, we came in a very pleasing 3rd place (2nd were Lambrook and 1st was Dulwich). This is an amazing achievement as we have never been in the IAPS finals as a team before, never mind finishing in the overall top 3.


Over 3, 500 swimmers had participated in the whole competition and 220 schools. A superb achievement by our splendid U11 team. We are very proud of you!

Many thanks to the parents who travelled down with their children and supported us superbly on the day-we couldn’t do it without your support!


Mrs H.J.Whittamore

The team were presented with their medals, badges and certificates during assembly.

Playing music



Performers of the week

Violin              Jagpal S
Cello                Luca V & Callum D
Flute                Oliver H
Oboe               Harrison S
Trombone      Rohan B
Trumpet         Toyan G & Orlando B

 Music Awards

Euan Lim         Grade 4 Piano with distinction
Frazer Lim       Grade 4 piano with distinction


Adi M. has won the Ian Cowen memorial trophy for being the highest scored in the U11 pre-trial qualifiers in the EPSCA (English Primary Schools Chess Association) Grand Prix.


Rugby Ball Rugby:

Anthony A was presented with his trophies and medal for being Nottingham Moderns RFC’s U11 Player of the Year and part of the U11 team who were joint winners of the Matlock Festival 2014.


Congratulations to Luca V whose team, West Bridgford Colts were winners of the ‘Yel Tournament’ and the ‘Carlton Town Football Tournament’.



Student of WeekStudent of the Week.

Viraj Deorukhkar for writing an article on the late Stephen Sutton’s fundraising


Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assembly

Friday 9th May 2014

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

 Respect, Reach and Responsibility

MC900431611[1]  Star Certificates:  100_3532

Reception:         Book.jpgMax for becoming more confident during independent writing.
Year1B:     Joseph for incredible progress in reading this year!  Smiles 3
Year 1F: Glasses  Saketh for careful & neat presentation of work 
Year 2W: Harry for writing a brilliant new chapter for ‘The Twits’  Twits 
Year 2M: SculptureAryan for his creative natural sculpture around the school garden in his Art lesson.


Squirrel 2  School Squirrel: 100_3533


SwimmingArchie for becoming more independent when getting changed after swimming.

Year1B:     Matthew for fabulous handwriting this term!  Book.jpg
Year 1F: Tidying UpAdit for being organised in the classroom 
Year 2W: Jai Sharma for excellent behaviour out on the school trip to Central Library Library 
Year 2M: 100Alfie for always putting 100% into his lessons.

 Ben H and Namit received their medals for Rugby and Swimming.



Gold House Award House Point Gold Awards
Luca V, Neel B, Orlando B, Joshua M & Joseph M


Numeracy 3 Mathematics

 Mathletics GoldM athletics Gold Award

William W, Jagpal S, Zain K, Jacob C, Oliver H, Cole T-S, Rui D-M, Alex W, Isaac D, Ryaan Z, Adam K, Gabe H, James G, Kain W, Alex B & Samuel K

Mental Mathematics

Moulik J.                      12×12 multiplication facts
Zain K & Naveen B    3, 4, 11 x multiplication and division
James M.                     6,7,8 x multiplication and division
Vihar C.                        6,7,8 x multiplication and division

Playing music Music

Performers of the week

 Violin                          Krrish M & Aman C
Cello                            William W & Ashley H
Flute                            Isak I
Oboe                           Jacob C
Trombone                  Matthew B & Vuyo M
Trumpet                     Mohintan A & Marcus S

Derby Arts Derby Arts Festival:

The Wind Band attained the Parker Cup with Distinction for ‘March’ and ‘Polka-Waites’ – “Crisp and confident style”

The String Ensemble were commended for ‘Alouette’ and ‘Mango Walk’

The Chamber Ensemble won the Haslam Cup 1st place for ‘Jamaican Gems’ – “An enjoyable performance which was well-prepared and neatly delivered.”.

The Choir won the Hardwick PTA trophy for the ‘Boys’ U12’ Choir section – “Excellent preparation and presentation.”


We would like to wish the very best of luck to all the boys who are competing in the IAPs Gala in Crawley at the weekend.

Football  Football

Joshua McKenna’s club Burton Joyce are champions of their league.

Cricket Cricket

U10’s A needed 75 runs and reached it with 3 balls to spare. Captain, Rohan S, scored 18 runs, with Jai V taking 2 wickets in 2 overs and Dillon S with 42 runs.

U10’s B scored 105 runs against Foremarke’s 80 with Thomas C-D F taking a magnificent catch in the final over.

Student of Week

Student of the Week

Abhishek Thaker for his bowling performance in an U10’s cricket match

Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies 2nd May 2014

Infant and Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Friday 2nd May 2014

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best, Well done! We’re so impressed, Well done! Congratulations, You deserve the praises!

 Respect, Reach and Responsibility

Gold Star  Star Certificates:  DSCF2400

Reception:     Writing 2  Charles– for trying really hard in phonics, especially with sentence writing. 
Year1B:     Sahibdeep – his excellent frog life cycle poster.


Year 1F: Isa – Improved concentration in Literacy & Numeracy  Numeracy 3 
Year 2W: Taylor for a renewed hard work in the classroom. 
Year 2M: Nikhil – his fantastic setting description of Mr. Twit’s Workshed.Shed


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:  DSCF2399

Reception:     Om – for settling into our school so well. 
Year1B:     Arun – for his sensible attitude towards school work in the classroom this week.
Year 1F: Tunde – excellent behaviour in and out of the classroom 
Year 2W: Shuban – for always being kind, considerate and helpful to everyone 
Year 2M: Abdullah – being kind and helpful towards others in school. 




No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.

                                                                                            Demi Lovato, American actress and singer.

Mathletics Gold   House Point Gold Awards

Oliver H., William C., Arrandeep M., Thomas B., Andrew B.,

Playing music 


Performers of the week

Violin – Rayan M & Jagpal S

Cello – Thomas B & Callum D

Flute – Arnav S

Oboe – Ujesh S

Music Examinations

Vuyo M.           Piano               Prep Test.

Derby Arts Festival:

The Wind Band attained Distinction

The String Ensemble were Commended.

Fun Run 

Sports Day:     Relay results

Year 3 – 4 x 50m –
1st – Trease’s
2nd – Hardy’s
3rd – Tonkin’s
4th – Ball’s

Year 3 – 4 x 100m –
1st – Trease’s
2nd – Ball’s
3rd – Tonkin’s
4th – Hardy’s

Year 4 – 4 x 100m –
1st – Tonkin’s
2nd – Hardy’s
3rd – Trease’s
4th – Ball’s

Year 5 – 4x 100m
1st – Trease’s
2nd – Tonkin’s
3rd – Ball’s
4th – Hardy’s

Year 6 – 4x100m –
1st – Tonkin’s
2nd – Ball’s
3rd – Hardy’s
4th – Trease’s

Final Sports Day Results
1st – TONKIN’S
2nd – TREASE’S
3rd – BALL’S
4th – HARDY’S


Tennis Congratulations to Jacob C. who was awarded a trophy for playing in the David Lloyd ‘A’ team.

Aquathlon Issac M. has won the Buxton Aquathlon for 2014


Vuyo M. has been awarded his Rainbow Swimming Award 1 mile badge.


Enormous congratulations to Adi M. on being selected for the England team. We understand that he is the only child to be selected for the team from the Midlands.

Student of Week     Student of the Week.

Robert D. for showing great resilience and perseverance at Sports Day.

Shivraj S. for having a superb team attitude, taking initiative to help staff and a younger member of the School during Sports Day.