Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assembly 25th April 2014


‘To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.’

                                                                                               William Shakespeare, poet and playwright

Mathematics Success – Mathletics Gold Awards:
Marcus S & Rayan K
3W Vuyo M
4S Luca R-A
6G Nikhil R
6S Zehn R & Joshua M

Mathletics Gold Award

English Success – Gold Reading Awards

3S Zayan B, Matthew B, Rohan B, Jacob C, Callum D, Ashley H, Azaan M, Ujesh S, Alex C, Saahat S & Marcus S.
3W Mohintan A, Orlando B, Thomas B, Noah B, Tom C, Finlay C D, Oliver H, Isak I, Rayan M, Aaron M, Vuyo M, Arnav S & Luca V.
4C Saif A, William A, Rehan B, Andrew B, Finn D, James E, Rio G, Oliver H, Moulik J, Fareed K, Joshua L, Oscar M, Manas P, Ethan R, Alexi S, Ben T, Cole TS, Charlie V, Alex W & Mohammed Z.

4S Jake D, Alexander El-K, Milad FB, Tom G, Hou Yu L, Arrandeep M, Joseph M, James M, Isaac M & Rohan S.
5A Jai V, Reeshav M, Zachary R, Oliver H, Rohan S, Joseph P, Alastair S, Dillon S, Imran Z, Harry E, Edward M, Rohan S & Alex C.
5S Hassan A, Aamar A, Neel B, Adnan B, Hugo B, Matthew B, Thomas B, Joe C, Euan C, William C, Viraj D, Aditya M, Amun S & Yuvraj S.
6G Yousef AM, David E, Gabe H, Dilip K, Frazer L, Ben N, Hari S, Abhishek S, Razeen S & Harry W.

6G Spring Term Reading Awards
6S Tom B, James C-K, Alex de S, Robert D, Hamzah H, Joshua M, Henry R & Shivraj S.

Gold House Points Award
Aditya M & Reeshav M  DSCF2392

NfER Certificates
Mrs Howard from NfER expressed her delight with the following boys who helped in the testing of new NfER papers.

She declared that she had had a ‘brilliant morning’ and that it had been a pleasure to be with a ‘lovely group’. Mrs Slater noted the busy morning that many of the boys had had prior to sitting the very demanding paper yet they all thanked Mrs Howard before going off to various other tasks.

Well done, boys for representing us so well with your helpfulness, cheeriness and excellent manners:

DSCF2395Razeen S, Gabriel H, Ben W, Frazer L, Thomas B, Oliver B, Eoin B, Joshua M, Arsh D and Harry W.

French Awards for Outstanding Achievement:
Frazer L, Imran Z, Reeshav M, Arrandeep M, Vihar C, Alex W, Cole T-S, Vijay M, Oliver H, Zayan B, Luca V, Ollie H, Arnav S & Orlando B.

MFL Award

Music Awards:
Andrew B                           Grade 1 Trumpet with merit.
Viraj D                                   Grade 3 Trumpet with merit
Olive H                                  Grade 3 Trumpet with distinction
Thomads C-De F               Grade 3 Trumpet with merit
Joshua L                               Grade 1 Trumpet with merit
Rohan S                                Grade 3 Trumpet with merit
Oscar M                               Grade 1 Trombone with merit
Harry W                                Grade 2 Horn in F with distinction
Edward M                           Grade 1 Clarinet with distinction
Joseph M                            Grade 1 Piano
Neel B                                   Grade 2 Piano with merit
Aditya M                              Grade 3 Piano
Ben O                                    Grade 3 Piano with merit
Ted G-D                               Grade 3 Piano
Rohan B                               Grade 1 Piano
Joshua L                               Grade 2 Piano with distinction
Luca R-A                               Grade 1 Violin with merit
Rohan S                                Grade 1 Violin with distinction
Anthony A                          Grade2 Violin with merit


David E. finished 3rd in the Boys D category Round 3 of the Peak Region.


School Team: On the first day of the Easter holidays (Friday 4th April), five Junior school boys (Sammy K, Ben W, Ted G-D, Yousef A-M and Joshua M) met Mrs Whittamore at Grantham Mere’s Leisure Centre to participate in the ESSA (English Schools Swimming Association) National Swimming Championships for Primary Schools regional rounds for the East Midlands.

There were twelve schools from the regions of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire participating in the boys’ events. Ted, Yousef, Ben and Sammy swam superbly well in the first event (medley relay), coming first in their heat (in 1 min 12.78 secs ) and qualified for the finals of that event (eight fastest teams on the night). Then in the medley final we were delighted to come first overall, winning the trophy for fastest medley team in the East Midlands on the night and qualifying to represent the Midlands at the National Finals in Sheffield.

Next the freestyle relay team (Ted, Ben Joshua and Sammy) swam in their heat. This was swum as a straight final. They came first with a personal best team time of 1.03.40 (Sammy also got a ‘personal best’ with 14.28 seconds for 25m freestyle) winning another trophy for being the fastest freestyle team in the East Midlands on the night and giving us a place in the National finals in the freestyle event too.


All five of the boys will be going to represent the East Midlands at the National finals of the Primary Schools’ Championships at Sheffield Ponds Forge on Saturday 21st June. Well done boys! So proud of you all! Keep up the training!

Mrs Whittamore

Individual: Harry E achieved his 2000, 2500 and 3000 metre badges as well as his 1 mile badge and Level 1 personal Survival Award.


He has also taken part in the U10s South Nottinghamshire Mini Rugby Festival.

Congratulations to Amun who plays for Beeston Hockey under 10 s first tea. The team took part in the England regional hockey finals having qualified from the county finals. They played 7 matches before the Easter break, won them all and met with Rugby in the final match. Following a 0-0 draw it went to penalties and they won silver with a nail biting 6-5 to Rugby. It was the most amazing achievement.


Arandeep M. took part in a skiing course over the Easter break.


Cole TS was awarded his Etoile d’Or (Gold Star) by the École du Ski Français which required him to race down a Giant Slalom course on varied terrain.  First a ski instructor skied the course as fast as he could and then Cole had to do the same course within a time which is not more than 50% higher than the instructor.  There is a very low pass rate for this test but Cole was over three seconds faster than the required time which is a significant margin.  This is the highest award children can achieve in the ESF teaching programme and he will now progress to competitive Giant Slalom training. Well done, Cole.


England Athletics Award Scheme Awards were given today.

Athletics Gold Award

Student of Week  Student of the Week.
Edward’s M for his excellent coastal defence video. Certainly worth a look on



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