Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

Friday 14th March 2014

Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

Respect, Reach and Responsibility

Today in assembly we had Y2 playing the recorders and Alex B. playing – ‘Waltzing Elephants’

 MC900431611[1]Star Certificates: DSCF2351

Reception:  Writing 2Lucas B for his super   effort and keenness in writing.
Year1B:     Euan D – careful sewing work in class  Sewing
Year   1F: Writing 2Sam G – improved   concentration when writing
Year   2M: Krish B – his positive attitude towards improving his maths.  Numeracy 3
Year   2W: AnglesRyan M for an excellent  numeracy investigation using right angles and clockwise/anti-clockwise turns.


Squirrel 2School Squirrel: DSCF2353

Reception:  Smiles 3Kavin R – always trying his   best at school.
Year1B:     Saad J – sensible behaviour   on the school trip to Nottingham Contemporary  Ticket
Year   1F:  GlassesKapil  K – for being responsible and adjusting to wearing his new   glasses.
Year   2M: Adit- Lovely recount of our   gallery visit  Art Gallery
Year   2W:  Smiles 3Ben F- for always acting   responsibly both in and out of the classroom.

 Seth D showed us the 2 gymnastic medals that he won in a recent competition




“Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of choice.”


MathematicsMathematics SuccessTimes Tables Certificates:

3,4 and 11 multiplication and division – Joshua McK
6,7 and 8 multiplication and division – Ethan R, Rio G
12x division facts – Kain W, William T, Alex B & Aamran A
12x multiplication facts – Joseph M, Zehn R, Harry W & Amun S


Mathletics GoldMathletics Gold Awards:


Finlay C D
Gwilym M
Zayan B
William A
Manas P
Rehan B
Milad F-B
Isaac M
Ben O
Rishav A
Rohan S
Alex C
Imran Z
Reeshav M
Dillon S
Aamran A
Yuvraj S
Abhishek T
Thomas G
Ben N
Daniel K
Harry W
Anthony A
Hari B
Sam B
Sandeep D
Ben W


Playing musicMusic

Performers of the week DSCF2346

Oliver H., Jagpal S., Harrison S. and Gwilym M.



EngineersYoung Engineers

Prizes were awarded for:

Best design : Euan C.  and Isaac D.

Most points: Neel B. and William T.

Tallest tower:Harry T-S, Daniel K and Aamran A


Football Football

The U10s football team finished 3rd out of 7 teams taking part in the preliminary round of the Forest 6-a-side tournament at the Forest Academy Ground. Goals from Sukumar V. (2) and Aamran A. The boys defended well to only concede 2 goals in 6 matches.


2-0        v          Our Lady & St E
0-0       v          Brocklewood
0-0       v          Milford
1-1       v          Cantrell
0-1       v          Fernwood
0-0       v          Dovecote


Won 1, Drew 4, Lost 1 = 7 points total.

There will be 6 teams playing in the semi-final, on Wednesday 2nd April, 4.00 pm at the Forest Academy Ground.

Mr Shaw would like to mention Adam K as being his ‘Player of the Week’

Rugby BallRugby

The U11’s entertained Hymers School this week, for an A & B Rugby fixture. 24 boys played in the matches and played in the spirit of the game. The A team found it hard going against a very strong Hymers team, conceding 8 tries. The B team enjoyed large amounts of possession and won 20 – 0. Well done to everyone involved.


Year 4 Rugby

The A Team won 5 tries to 4 in an exciting game and the B Team won 9 tries to 1 and played very well indeed.  Players of the match v Barlborough were:

A team –                     Zak I
B team –                    Jake D


Rugby Captains

Tonkins Captain  Tonkin’s

Year 6 -Tom P. (v.c. Nathan H.)
Year 5 – Oliver H. (v.c. Alastair S.)
Year 4 – Charlie V. (v.c Alex W.)
Year 3 – Vuyo M. (v.c. Callum D.)

Hardys Captain Hardy’s

Y3 – Zayan B.
Y4 – Ben T.
Y5 – Harry E.
Y6 – Takura N.

Treases Captain Trease’s

Year 6: Tom B. (v.c. Harry W.)
Year 5: Tom C.De F. (v.c Matthew B.)
Year 4: Joshua L. (v.c. Oliver H.)
Year 3: Luca V. (v.c. Sahat S)

Balls Captain Ball’s

Year 6: James G. (v.c. Alex B.)
Year 5: Joshua S. (v.c Harry TS.)
Year 4: Zamel S. (v.c. Isaac M.)
Year 3: Gwilym M. (v.c. Harrison S.)


World Book Day  World Book Day

The Junior boys raised £130 last week on World Book Day for Book Aid International.

Money will be sent to buy books for children’s libraries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Many thanks to all boys who brought in a donation, many of which were very generous.

 Student of Week Student of the Week DSCF2347

Alex C for excellent preparation for the Y5 Production of ‘Shakespeare Rocks’

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