Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Assemblies

Friday 14th February 2014

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!

Respect, Reach and Responsibility

Today in assembly Tunde.  is playing, ‘Meet the Mud Monsters’ and Harry E is playing the violin.

100_3282    100_3281










Gold StarStar Certificates:  100_3285

Reception: Finn R – Writing a space song  Space
Year1B: PhonicsArun S- fantastic effort with his Spellings
Year 1F: Writing 2Rafe R– improved handwriting
Year 2M: Abdullah A- note taking and information writing  about dinosaursDinosaur 2
Year 2W: PhonicsBen F – Putting words in alphabetical order


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:  100_3287

Reception: WritingArchie S – trying hard with his work


Year1B: George T – Making a fantastic telescope  Telescope
Year 1F: Smiles 3George A – Being calm and thoughtful in the classroom
Year 2M: DinosaurAryan K- Fantastic   fact writing about a dinosaur
Year 2W: Ethan P – improved concentrationWriting

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