Nottingham High Infant & Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Infant and Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Friday 11th October 2013

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!


Respect, Reach and Responsibility

Today in assembly we had Cholan playing ‘Santa’s sleigh’  DSCF2212

Gold StarStar Certificates:

Reception:          Kavin R. for consistent hard work everyday
Year 1B:     Reading  Marley P. for continued hard work with his reading.
Year 1F: Rafe R. for effort in his reading  Reading
Year 2M: All of 2M for  excellent paper mache models of Mount Everest.  Mountain
Year 2W: Ryan M. for a really good opening paragraph to a story Book.jpg


School Squirrel:

Reception:          Edward M. for being cheerful and helpful  Smile
Year1B:     Squirrel 2Hesham K. for his kindness towards others in the playground.
Year 1F: Sam G. for improved listening skills  Squirrel 2
Year 2M: Squirrel 2             Chris M. for always working and trying hard in his lessons.
Year 2W: Raman l. for always being a kind and caring member of 2W   Squirrel 2

 These boys are allowed to take home ‘Nutty’, the class squirrel and look after him all weekend.  Nutty helps them to write the Squirrel Diary and can often be seen eating pizza and cakes.  Be careful if he comes to your house!




“Never do a wrong thing to make a friend; or to keep one.”
Robert E. Lee

Poetry Plate

Congratulations to all the boys who took part, at whatever level, in the Year 6 Poetry Plate. Particular congratulations to the winner, Razeen.

We listened to the finalists in years 3 to 5:

Jacob C., Oliver H., Joshua McK., Thomas B. and Matthew B.


Certificates for all Commended and Highly Commended will be given out in Form.

Mathematics     Maths Success

Multiplication certificates and division certificates to:

Rishav A., James M., Ben O., Alexi S.,  (3,4,11 times)

Andrew B., Moulik J., Oscar M., Ben O.,  (6,7,8 times)

Alex El K.,  Milad F-B., Akki S., Vijay S., Andrew B. Harry T-S.(12 times)


Chess   Chess

Chess success has continued this week with Alexander El-K winning the N.P.S.C.A U9s Individual Tournament .

Adi M. won the Northampton Tournament to become U10s winner.

The ‘Best Game’ award came down to a game between two NHIJS boys, Adi M. versus Abishek T.

Charlie V. won ‘Best Game’  in the U9s section and Saahat S. (Y3) winning ‘Best Game’ in the U8 division.


Swimming    Swimming  DSCF2210
Oliver H. was presented with his ‘Learning to Swim’ certficate.


MP900305807[1]  House Football

Congratulations to all boys and grateful thanks to the staff for their support:

Total number of points scored

A Teams

1st – Ball’s            26pts
2nd – Tonkin’s     20pts
3rd – Trease’s      14pts
4th – Hardy’s       9pts

B Teams

1st – Trease’s      24pts (39 GS)
2nd – Tonkin’s     24pts (36GS)
3rd – Hardy’s       12pts (18GS)
4th – Ball’s             12pts (16GS)

Combined Scores A & B teams

1st – Tonkin’s     44pts
2nd – Trease’s     38pts (57GS)
3rd – Ball’s           38pts (46GS)
4th – Hardy’s      21pts

Well done, Tonkin’s!   Purple Cup


Other football results:

Foremarke   8                    NHJS U11 5
Foremarke   0                  NHJS U11 B team 3


Coach  Lewin’s team also played terrifically and Mrs Lewin commended them all for their commitment, team work and exemplary behaviour!

Foremarke   5                    NHJS U10A 3
Foremarke   5                    NHJS U10B 1


Coach Shaw said that despite the loss, it was a great experience for the boys.

Scroll  Student of the Week

Hassan Malik for a fantastic art project.  DSCF2209


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