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Infant and Junior School Achievement Assemblies

Friday 15th November 2013

 Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!


Respect, Reach and Responsibility

Today in assembly we had Zayyan G. 1F playing ‘The Train’ and  George T. 1F playing ‘New World’


 Gold Star  Star Certificates:

Reception: Aarya for great phonics work
Year1B:     All 1B for fantastic hard work with their dream bedroom models!  Plans
Year 1F: George for complete a lovely front cover to a non-fiction booklet  Book.jpg
Year 2M: Kapil for clear instructions about making jam tarts  Tarts
Year 2W: Harry for a really good set of instructions using all of the key features


School Squirrel:  Squirrel 2

Reception: Yuvraj for trying to be more independent.
Year1B:     Sahibdeep for his improving listening skills in the classroom.
Year 1F: Saketh for kindness
Year 2M: Alfie for being very creative and hands on in his art lessonsArtwork
Year 2W: Alex for working co-operatively in a small group to make Mount EverestMountain

 These boys are allowed to take home ‘Nutty’, the class squirrel and look after him all weekend.  Nutty helps them to write the Squirrel Diary and can often be seen eating pizza and cakes.  Be careful if he comes to your house!

Squirrel 2                          Pizza                    Cupcake



 Happiness cannot be found
when you seek it for yourself
but when you give it to others,
it will find its way back to you
that’s the mystery of happiness
it grows when shared.








Mathematics     Maths Success

Multiplication certificates and division certificates to:

Amun S. for 6,7 and 8 times table

Multiplication certificates to:

Vithurshan S. for 12 times table

Division Certificates: (12 times table)

Adam K., Vithurshan S., Daniel M.

 Multiplication with decimals:

Shivraj S.


MFL Poster    MFL

We were able to award prizes to the winners and runners up of the MFL poster competition. Very well done to the 13 boys, who chose to take part. This is a great example of independent work by boys.

The entrants were:

  1. Krrish M.  – 3W – France and Spain
  2. Orlando B. – 3W – Colombia
  3. Zayan B.– 3S – Argentina
  4. Rohan S. – 5A – Colombia
  5. Adnan B.– 5S – The Seychelles
  6. Neel B. – 5S – Peru
  7. Adi M.– 5S – Brazil and Madagascar
  8. Rohan T.– 5S – Mexico
  9. William C. – 5S – Mexico
  10. Viraj D. – 5S – France and Argentina
  11.  Razeen S. – 6G – Equitorial Guinea
  12. Alex De S.– 6S – Monaco
  13. Josh M. – 6S – Nicaragua

The overall winner is Orlando B., 3W – Colombia


We also were able to award prizes for the Year 5 Normandy work booklets. Many of these were completed to a superb standard and it was not easy to choose just one winner from each form.

However, the winners are: Jai V. and Rohan T.


Tennis  Tennis

Rohan S. was awarded U9 winner in the David Lloyd tournament.

Chess     DSCF2196

Adi M. was the joint runner up in the U11s England qualifiers chess finals.


Rohan S. was runner up in the U10 East Midlands Grand prix where he also won a medal for ‘Best Game’ in the U10s section, Zain B. won the U8s section (6/6), Rohan T. won the U10s and James G. came 3rd in the U12s. Enormous congratulations to all those boys.

Alexander reported on the success of NHIJS at the Festival which we hosted. Our team came first with 15.5 points. However, he did note that this is only the first part of the tournament and other schools could catch us up!

Fencing   Fencing    DSCF2198

Edward M. has been ranked 6th in the East Midlands Fencing Youth Championship for Epee.


Fun Run  Mini Marathon  DSCF2189

Congratulations to Isaac M. who was 1st in the Robin Hood mini marathon this year.



Blue Peter Badges

We congratulated Marcus S. on achieving so many Blue Peter badges; he has his Blue Badge for fundraising, his Green Badge for his Eco rep work, his Sports Badge for inspiring a friend to take up cricket and his Silver Badge for writing directly to the programme.


Science  National Inter-School Quiz Championship

Mrs. Sethi and Mrs. Whittamore accompanied 3 teams from our Year 5 and 6 boys to the National Inter-School Quiz Championship.  Amazingly, our teams took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

The boys did a superb job of representing the school and working well as a team. We were so pleased to leave Ranby with the Area Heat Award and the opportunity to take part in the next round of this National Competition.

Many congratulations to all of the boys who took part. A fantastic accolade for the school – Well done!  Many thanks also to Mrs. Whittamore and Mrs. Sethi for taking the time to accompany the boys!

Congratulations to the boys involved:

Frazer L, David E, Angus T and Hugo B. William T, Sammy K., Charlie McK and Joe C, Viraj D, Imran Z, Gabe H and Fahad K.



We were able to congratulate the football teams on some recent successes; DSCF2191

‘A’ team @ Foremarke Festival who finished 2nd in the group phase (won 1, drew 2, Lost 0)

Unfortunately in the semi-final they lost after extra time golden goal, then in the 3/4th place play-off they lost on penalties. However, we are delighted by their efforts.

Fortunately, the ‘B’ team won against Grosvenor – came from 3-0 down to win 3-5. ‘What a great fight back!’ exclaimed Coach Simpson.

Music  Music    DSCF2187

Year 3, weekly awards to:

Brass –  Luca V, Marcus S

Cello – Noah B, Ashley H

Violin – Nabeen B, Gwilym M

Flute – Isaac I.

Oboe – Ujesh S.


ScrollStudent of the Week.

Rohan T. for being polite and courteous in victory – a true sportsman.   DSCF2200


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