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Friday 11th October 2013


Infants at Lovell House


Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!


Respect, Reach and Responsibility

Another superb week at Infant School with much to celebrate.


Gold StarStar Certificates:

Reception: Charles D. for fantastic writing about his jam sandwich Sandwich
Year1B:     BadgerHesham K. for excellent writing about badgers!
Year 1F: ArtworkAlfie for careful artwork
Year 2M:. BoatSeth D. for his super design of his sail boat in his Art & DT lesson with Mr. Jones.
Year 2W: GymnasticsGeorge E. for super travelling and balance work in gymnastics


Squirrel 2School Squirrel:

Reception: James S. for always being helpful and responsible when he is at school
Year1B:     Joseph R. for super behaviour towards others at playtime
Year 1F: Isa for listening skills
Year 2M:. Nikhil   S. for for showing good group leadership when performing poetry.
Year 2W: Isaac W. for always trying his very best at everything he does.


 These boys are allowed to take home ‘Nutty’, the class squirrel and look after him all weekend.  Nutty helps them to write the Squirrel Diary and can often be seen eating pizza and cakes.  Be careful if he comes to your house!

Squirrel 2                  Cake   and   Pizza 


You have two hands, one to help yourself and one to help others.

Audrey Hepburn, actress and humanitarian.


We had a number of unusal pupils at Juniors this morning, some wild animals, wizards and fictional characters.  The boys had made a huge effort to support Book Week with their costumes.

 Mathematics    Maths Success

A Multiplication and division certificate went to:

Vithurshan S.

Multiplication certificates for 12 times table to:

Yousef AM., Tom B., Aadam I., Nabeel J., Zehn R. and Harry W.


MP900305807[1]     Football         

The U10s team celebrate their win against Bentinck 4-2, at theirs. Goals came from Joseph P (2), Thomas C-De F and Alastair S. They battled it out on a tiny pitch and did well to come away with the win.


In addition we also have the following results:

NHJS                      3                              :               Fernwood           0

NHJS B team      5                              :               Grosvenor         1

DSCF2156   DSCF2157




Majestic Shield

NHJS                      7                             :               Mornington Crescent    0

We were pleased to congratulate Rayan M. on being voted ‘Most Enthusiastic Player’ in his football club.


Martial ArtsMartial Arts

Aadam I. achieved his ‘red’ belt in karate.


Fun Run  Cross Country

Last Saturday, seven boys turned up at the County Cross-Country league in Sutton in Ashfield and ran superbly well. NHIJs finished in first place with Yousef AM. finishing 2nd, narrowly missing out on first place by the width of his vest! Many thanks go to Mrs George for accompanying the boys.


Scroll    Student of the Week.

Awarded to Razeen S. for his mature behaviour, thoughtfulness and helpfulness.


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