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Friday 27th September 2013

Infants at Lovell House

 Well done! You did your best,
Well done! We’re so impressed,
Well done! Congratulations,
You deserve the praises!


Respect, Reach and Responsibility
As ever, this assembly at Lovell was a delightful event.


We were lucky enough to hear Sasmeet S. 1B playing ‘Mary had a little lamb’ beautifully on the piano at the end of the assembly.


Star Certificates:

Reception:         Hukam for always being ‘ready to learn’.
Year1B:                Arun for a responsible attitude towards handwriting.
Year 1F:               Thales for super work on houses and homes.
Year 2M:              Muhammad for excellent use of time connectives.
Year 2W:              Raman for very good numeracy skills.


School Squirrel:

Reception:          Finn for being independent.
Year1B:                 George T.  kindness towards all boys at school both inside and outside the
Year 1F:                James F. for returning to school with a very positive attitude.
Year 2M:.             Namit for helping others in class.
Year 2W:              Taylor  for taking responsible in the classroom


Squirrel 2These boys are allowed to take home ‘Nutty’ the class squirrel and look after him all weekend and helping to write the Squirrel Diary. The ‘Nuttys’ each had very exciting weekends last week, going to parties, bouncing on the trampoline and visiting grandmothers. Life is full of excitement for Lovell House squirrels!


We also congratulated George E. who achieved a football award and Abdullah and Kapil for cricket awards. Well done to these boys for their achievements outside of school.

DSCF2130    DSCF2132  DSCF2133



 ‘Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before’

                                                                                                           Bonnie Blair, Olympic Gold Medallist


At 5am this morning, most of our Year 5s along with four very brave and dedicated staff left Nottingham bound for France. We wish them a very safe and enjoyable trip and we are looking forward to hearing about it next week.                                  


Cricket Success

I was delighted to present Fahad K. with a trophy that he was awarded for ‘U10s Batting’  DSCF2121 at his cricket club.




House Points Total

Congratulations to Hardy’s House as top scorers.

The top scores in each House this fortnight were:

Ball’s:           Reeshav M.    (87)DSCF2123

Hardy’s:        Aditya M.       (74)



Red Star     Trease’s:       Rohan S.       (66)

Purple Star   Tonkin’s:       William C.      (113)!!!

Student of the WeekScroll

‘Awarded to Anthony A. for being a brilliant House Captain and a super role model to all students’


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