Achievement Assembly@NHJS Friday 18th January

Sadly our sporting fixtures were cancelled this week due to the snowy conditions. However we did see a tremendous musical performance of Rebecca Riding Hood performed by our Year 4 in the Founder Hall on Wednesday evening.  It was a really enjoyable show.

This morning’s Achievement Assembly had a good mixture of the Arts, Academic and Sporting successes.


Ben and Viraj passed their Music Examinations in piano and trumpet, grade 2 and grade 1 respectfully.


Finnbar received his certificate for knowing the 12 x 12 table.




Jack, Eduardo, Daniel, Kasim, Mathew and Archie were awarded book vouchers and book marks


Boys from all years received certificates for their achievement in French.


Ted with his many trophies and medals that he has won in three recent swimming galas including his Swimming Club Championship and Open Meets.

His has achieved County qualifying times for all 10 categories of races for a nine year old boy and as such will compete in all 10 events at the forthcoming Nottinghamshire County Championships in March 2013.

House Top Scorers:

In the last fortnight the tope House Point scorers were given their certificates:

Students of the Week:


Student of the Week was renamed on this occasion to Students of the Week and awarded to all the Year 4s for their wonderful performances in the production of Rebecca Riding Hood.

Well done to you all.











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