Achievement Assembly-Thursday 15th November

This week has been a real treat for all of us here at NHJS. The boys have been enjoying the delights of our annual Arts’ Week, with barely a day passing without a year group participating in a workshop, visit or activity.

To give you an idea of what’s gone on here at NHJS, I have included a brief list of some of the things our boys have been doing this week at our action packed school!

Monday 12th      

6G Art Session at Senior School

Tuesday 13th                      

Year 4 at Lakeside Pavilion for Balls Boots & Players Workshop

Y3 Pinxton Puppet Workshop

Poetry Plate Final in Junior Hall for Y5-6.

Wednesday 14th              

6L Art Session at Senior School

Year 5 Samba Drumming Workshop in Junior Hall

Thursday 15th

Year 5 Trip to Terrible Tudors (Theatre Royal)

6S Art Session in Junior Art Room

Friday 16th                          

Year 4 Diwali Workshop (Hence why achievement assembly has moved from its usual session)

Year 6 Trip to Vile Victorians (Theatre Royal)

Therefore, it seemed only appropriate to start with presenting the awards from our Poetry Plate Final. Skye was the overall winner, but we wanted to recognise the boys who gained certification in the following categories:


Highly Commended:


As Matthew received his distinction certificate, we felt it was an ideal opportunity for him to recite ‘Sea Fever’ by John Maisefield.

Not be outdone, Mrs Slater’s English Group performed ‘The Alligator’ to the whole school.

Frazer and Niranjan came up to the front next to collect their mathematics certificates…

whilst Toby (cricket) and Harry (rugby) brought in their trophies that they had won in their respective clubs.

Mr Caldwell as I’m sure you’re all aware of has worked extremely hard in raising the profile of NHJS’s Global Challenge. All of the boys (and staff) have worn their pedometers with pride and as a result we were able to award the boys certificates for the ‘Highest Single Day Step Total’ and ‘Most Improved Stepper’.  Pictured below are the boys at the top of the tree who received certificates for being the ‘Top Stepper’.

Monday 19th November sees our boys take part in the Inter-House Football Competition. Last year’s winners were Ball’s House, so we all wait with great anticipation to see if they can hold on to their crown!

The boys and staff have cast their votes for the captaincy of each year group and the boys pictured below will lead their teams out onto the field on Monday.

Year 3

Year 4


Year 5

Year 6

Good luck one and all!

Student of the Week

This week goes to Cole who performed a miraculous act of bravery in helping  a boy in distress whilst on holiday. Well done Cole-we’re all proud of you!

Sporting Results:

Friday 6th November

U11 Football vs. Priory

A team W 3-1

B Team W 4-2

Saturday 10th                     

U11 Football Festival at Foremarke

3rd place in the Plate Competition

Monday 12th                      

U10 & U11B Football vs. Grosvenor

U10 D 2-2

U11B L 4-1

U11A vs. Fernwood

L 4-0

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