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NHJS Achievement Assembly: Friday 28th September 2012

After yet another exciting week at NHJS, we had a lot to look forward to during our achievement assembly this morning…


Well done to Akki, Mohammed, Milad and Aamar who know all the x2, x5 and x10 multiplication facts by heart. A big pat on the back for Zayem and Matthew who received their 12×12 multiplication certificates today.

Big Brother Award:

Joseph brought in his trophy for being a super big brother. You can see how much of a big brother he is-nearly as tall as Mr Earnshaw!

Mountain Climbing:

Joe had a productive weekend, as he managed to get to the summit of Snowdon without having to use the train!


Our U10 team were victorious in their match against Whitemoor on Thursday, winning 4-2! An excellent performance from the boys.

Well done to Amun who was voted Man of the Match in last week’s match for his local team, Bramcote U9.

Fun Run:

Isaac brought in his certificate and medal following his completion of the Plumtree 1.5mile fun run last weekend.

Junior Flag Competition Results:

We had a plethora of entries for this competition set by Mr Caldwell in last week’s achievement assembly. Both shortlisting and deciding on eventual winners was incredibly difficult for Mr Caldwell!

Thanks to all the boys who participated. Their creative and technical skills are a credit to them all and of course Mr Simpson and Mr Jones!

The winners are as follows:

Y3 – Moulik

Y4 – Rohan

Y5 – David

Y6 – Patrick

Overall winner – Charlie

Student of the Week

Well done to Rio who received this week’s certificate for listening to instructions and improving his performance in Games.

And finally…

You may have noticed from the photographs above, that I am in fact wearing a very important sticker-Nottingham High School 1513-2013.

Yesterday I was delighted to be invited to the opening of ‘Balls, Boots and Players’, which is an exhibition exploring the leading lights of Nottingham High School over the last 500 years.

The exhibition is free and in the Western Gallery at the Lakeside Arts Centre on the University campus. It opens to the public on Friday 28th September 2012 and continues until Sunday 13th January 2013.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 11.00am-4pm

Saturday, Sunday & B/H, 12 noon – 4pm

More details can be found on the Lakeside website:


Achievement Assembly @ NHJS-Friday 21st September

I always look forward to Friday’s achievement assembly, as the range of activities and awards which are mentioned on a weekly basis, never ceases to amaze me. This week was no exception!


Vignesh and Nihit seem to be on a roll at the minute! Following on from last week’s assembly, they collected their 12×12 division certificates-congratulations


Mr Purveur, our drama coach passed on Rohan’s LAMDA certificate, which states that Rohan has achieved his Grade 1 ‘Performing Solo’ with merit.


The following Year 6 boys are now the proud owners of LIBRARIAN badges. I’m certain that Mrs Martin is looking forward to working with you in the library over the course of the year.

Well done to Alex, Harry, Rishi, Colin, Matthew, Nihit and Achintya.

Perhaps we should have asked you to line up in alphabetical order?

Kick Boxing:

Joe certainly had me on my toes this morning in presenting his latest belt, which is two grades off the highest award. I’m sure with continued hard work Joe will achieve this coveted award!


This week saw our first competitive fixtures in Year 6. On Monday we had a convincing win against Beeston Fields (won 13-0), with both Sebby and George scoring hat-tricks. However, our fortunes changed on Wednesday during the inaugural ISFA U11 7 a-side Football Competition at Repton.

Mr Simpson gave a mixed report as we got through to the Plate semi-final, but unfortunately we were beaten 4-3 on penalties! Our results for the Competition are as follows:

Played 5, W1, D1, L3.

Student of the Week:

Goes to Toby, who during a Year 6 Science investigation took the initiative to help clean up the water on the floor spilled by another group with a cloth and continued doing so until it was all mopped up.

Great stuff Toby. We’ll keep you on standby in the staffroom!

And finally…

Mr Caldwell spoke to the boys about a fantastic competition based on next Wednesday’s European Day of Languages. For more information, please click the following link:

Achievement Assembly-Friday 14th September 2012

After our first full week back at school, our boys have been extremely busy indeed. Our achievement assembly this morning celebrated success both inside and outside of the classroom. So without further ado, here are this week’s achievers:


Congratulations go to our ‘new boys’ in Year 6 who have already earned their 12×12 multiplication certificates-well done Vignesh and Nihit. I have also included the boys who achieved their second Golden Mathletics Certificate over the summer holidays, which in itself is a remarkable achievement.


Mrs Kawalec has received the ABRSM examination results taken in the summer term and I was delighted to present certificates to the following boys:

Grade 1 Violin



Grade 1 Flute

Joshua (merit)

Grade 1 Piano



Aditya (merit)

Grade 2 Piano



Grade 2 Oboe

Dan (merit)


Ben, John and Eduardo were part of the U11 T20 Cup Final on Sunday 9th September. Their team (Radcliffe on Trent) won the final. It was a particular achievement for our boys as they were playing up an age group (they are really U10’s). A special mention should go to John, who opened the batting, didn’t get out and scored lots of runs. Ben and John brought in their medals to School and not to be left out, Eduardo is pictured holding the coveted paperclip medallion!

Rohan in Year 4 was presented with a Bronze Award form Nottinghamshire Cricket Club.

It seems as we have an array of potential players should our England T20 Squad need any replacements!


Watch out Any Murray! Rohan brought his trophy for winning the Nottinghamshire LTA U8 Mixed Singles Competition into assembly today-thankfully I didn’t drop it during the presentation!


As mentioned in last week’s blog, the results of our unofficial spelling/incorrect signage competition were announced today. In a very strong field with entries from Mr Jones…

And Dan…

Having spotted the following mistake, Harry was presented with the very special prize of a pocket sized dictionary that will hopefully stand him in good stead for the future-well done Harry!

Our Student of the Week  was Matthew for having a ‘can do’ attitude in history.

I also announced that we would be issuing this term’s extra curricular brochure today to have a look at over the weekend. Your son’s Form Teacher will collate the boys’ choices during registration on Monday morning to ensure that everybody has access to the programme and to try to ensure that every boy signs up for at least one activity. To help you select a suitable club from our extensive range of activities, please see the overview below:

NHJS Weekly Clubs: Autumn Term 2012

*Invitation Only


 12.45pm-1.30pm              Y5-6 Cross Country Club – Valley Road                    Mr. Allison*

4.15pm-5.00pm                Y5-6 Introductory Fencing Club – Junior Hall        Mr. Pryer

(Up to half term)


12.35pm – 1.10pm           Y3-4 Choir – Junior Hall                                                 Mrs. Kawalec*

12.35pm – 1.10pm           Y5-6 Swimming Club                                               Mrs. Whittamore*

12.35pm – 1.10pm           Y5-6 Warhammer Club – Art Room                           Mr. Shaw

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y5-6 Tennis Club – Junior Hall                                     Mr. M. Jones

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y5-6 Art Club – Art Room                                               Mr. E. Jones

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y5 Film Club – 5A                                                              Miss Abell

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y5-6 Languages Club – ICT Suite                                    Miss Walster

4.00pm – 6.00pm              Y3-6 Drama Club – Junior Hall                                     Mr. Purveur


12.35pm – 1.10pm           Junior Band & Orchestra – Junior Hall                     Mr. Douglas*

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y3-6 Chess Club – Art Room                                         Mr. E. Jones

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y4 Drama Club – Junior Hall                                         Mrs. Slater*

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y3-6 Origami Club – 3W                                                  Miss Walster

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y3-6 Lego & Board Games Club – Junior Library   Mrs. Martin

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y3-6 Cookery Club – Science Lab                                Mrs. Sethi

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y3-6 Orienteering Club – 5S                                        Mr. Earnshaw

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y3-6 Christmas Card Making Club                             Mrs. George

Learning Support (After half term)


12.35pm – 1.10pm           Y5-6 Choir – Junior Hall                                                 Mrs. Kawalec *

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y3-4 Cartoon Club – 3M                                                 Mrs. Mays

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y6 Football Club – Sports Hall                                     Mr. Simpson*

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Alternate School Council and Eco Council – Learning Support

Mrs. George & Mrs. Sedgewick

1.10pm – 1.40pm              Y3-4 Geography in the News Club – ICT Suite      Mr. Caldwell

4.00pm – 5.15pm              Year 3-6 Chess Club                                                        Mr. E. Jones*


12.45pm-1.30pm              Y5-6 Cross Country Club – Valley Road                    Mr Allison*

4.15pm-5.15pm                                Y4 Football Club with Notts. County – Junior Hall

Young Nottinghamian  

Over the course of the academic year, the boys will have the opportunity to write an article of their choice based on a school event/activity which will be published in our yearly magazine for posterity!

And finally… those of you who are eagle-eyed will have spotted a rather amusing sign in one or two of the boys’ photographs. It was taken during our visit to Northumbria over the summer (on the B1340 to Beadnell) and, as an MC Hammer fan, it now has pride of place as my screen saver!

Friday 7th September 2012 – A New Start!

What a fantastic start to the term our boys have had!

In my 5 years, two days and 9 hours as a headmaster I cannot recall a smoother start to a new Junior School term! The boys have settled well into their new classes and have even had individual and class photographs taken today – with only one nosebleed!

I do hope that you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and many of you have already been extremely efficient and emailed me with your holiday photos, but not just the usual boring snaps-oh no!!

I asked the boys to take snaps of any signs/notices that contained spelling mistakes and I have to say there have been sum-sorry-some crackers.

To give you an idea of what I’m looking for, I’ve inserted a picture from a notice that we took whilst on our summer holiday to Northumbria.

In the meantime, please do send in your photographs by Thursday 13th September, but remember you have to be on the photo as well!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the glorious weather!

Mr Earnshaw