Swimming at Lovell House

It has been a joy over the year watching the boys grow in confidence as they learn to swim. During all the swimming lessons throughout the school, Mrs Whittamore and Mr Smith have helped boys overcome their fear of water, and challenged them when developing their strokes and style.

Research from the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) states ‘A third of children in England cannot swim by the time they leave primary school.The researchers calculate that this means around 200,000 children leave primary school each year unable to swim properly.’

It is important at Lovell House that we give every boy swimming lessons to enable our boys to gain the skills and confidence to swim.

To read more of the research findings please go to, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education- Primary schools ‘Failing to honour swimming obligations’ By Judith Burns.

One thought on “Swimming at Lovell House

  1. I really appreciate the time the teachers put in to swimming. Taking the boys up to the Junior School in YR, helping them dress and undress etc is no small committment. When you see a YR boy unable to swim and shy of the water at the beginning of the year and then see him swim a width at the gala in July, it brings tears to your eyes! A hearfelt thank you to everyone involved in the swimming.

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