Achievement Assembly-11th May


We started this week’s assembly on a similar theme to last week! Our Year 6 boys were victorious in the Nottingham City’s Football Competition at Nottingham Forest’s Football Ground last night.

We won our semi-final on penalties 3-2 and the final 2-0. You can watch the highlights of the match on the video below, which has been brilliantly prepared by our goalkeeper Adam.

Following on from last week’s nail biting finish to the match against St Edmund Campion (3-3 after extra time, 4-2 on penalties); we are now through to the Nottingham County’s Semi-Final.  With a home fixture guaranteed we wish our boys all the very best of luck in the next round of the competition.


It looks as though we may need to purchase a bigger trophy cabinet! Our Junior Band and Orchestra brought back the Parker Cup from the 2012 Derby Arts Festival having wowed the adjudicator with their splendid rendition of ‘Rigaudon’ Purcell and ‘Big Mac March’ Ian McKenzie.

This is the second year in a row that our musicians have won this particular event and we are all looking forward to them playing next Friday in front of the whole school.

Oliver received his Grade 4 (merit) ABRSM examination for his cello. Well done!


Congratulations go to Taylor, who played particularly well in the recent East Midland’s Grand Prix meet. He received two trophies, one for winning the first session and probably the most impressive, a trophy for the overall competition.


Unfortunately all our fixtures against Foremarke were rained off. We did manage a few overs, but unfortunately the weather got the better of us.


Congratulations go to Joe and Adnan in reaching 50 reading points; Rohan, Daniel 100 points; and Akhilesh and Oliver 400 points.


The following boys were presented with a range of certificates for learning their times tables:


Sahrin, Jithin, Alex, Imran and Aadam received their Golden Mathletics certificates.

The Olympic Award this week went to Joseph for his supersonic swim in the Inter House Swimming Gala. On the last leg of the Year 3 relay, Joseph started in 4th place, half a length behind, but managed to clinch 2nd place. Well done!

Student of the Week went to Oliver for consistently demonstrating a positive attitude during chess coaching.

And finally…

Following my assembly the other day on the initiative led by the National Trust  ’50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ , a number of boys have asked for further details.

If you like having fun (and ticking things off lists) then please click the following link:

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about the 11 ¾ tag, as you can work through the list at any age. At 21 ¾ I only have one item yet to do (49-find a geocache), with my personal favourite being 37-Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool.

Have a good weekend whatever numbers you get to tick off!

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