Lovell Land newspaper

Lovell Land has officially opened! There are lots of things to do in Lovell Land.  There are six different places. We have the newspaper, the cafe, the garden centre, the post office, the libary and the garage.

In the newspaper group we report about what is happening in Lovell Land.  The cafe is next door to the newspaper where they are enjoying their food and drink.

Ptolemy found out in the libary, boys are making a giant Lola from the Charlie and Lola stories.  In the garage, boys are cleaning bikes by using soapy water and in the garden centre, potatoes are being planted.

Andrew and Jacob reported that the boys think Lovell Land is fantastic!

Vijay and Jack discovered that in the cafe they are using chopstikcs to try and pick up raisens and eat them!  It looked really tricky!

Joshua found out that in the garden centre, onions are being grown! Also, bikes are being cleaned in the garage.

Finn, Tom, Rui and Luca interviewed some boys. Here is one of those interview from the cafe.

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