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Swimming at Lovell House

It has been a joy over the year watching the boys grow in confidence as they learn to swim. During all the swimming lessons throughout the school, Mrs Whittamore and Mr Smith have helped boys overcome their fear of water, and challenged them when developing their strokes and style.

Research from the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) states ‘A third of children in England cannot swim by the time they leave primary school.The researchers calculate that this means around 200,000 children leave primary school each year unable to swim properly.’

It is important at Lovell House that we give every boy swimming lessons to enable our boys to gain the skills and confidence to swim.

To read more of the research findings please go to, Primary schools ‘Failing to honour swimming obligations’ By Judith Burns.

Achievement Assembly-Tuesday 22nd May

A rather sporting theme to this week’s achievement assembly…


At long last we have received our Swimming House Captain badges from the manufacturers which were presented to the respective captain for each year group. Judging from the smiles on their faces, the boys look as if it was worth the wait!


On Saturday, James travelled all the way to Surrey to compete in the IAPS National Swimming Finals. In an incredibly strong field, James finished a very creditable 10th place in the 50m breaststroke.

Well done James!


On Sunday Ted picked up awards in the following events in a local competition:

Individual Medley-1st place

50m Front Craswl-1st place

50m Butterfly-2nd place


Karam finished in 1st place in an extremely competitive Giga Final at Nottingham High School on Saturday. Many of our Junior boys competed and special mention goes to our Year 3 boys who had spent Friday night in the Junior Hall during our Year 3 sleepover! Let’s hope the boys got a good night’s sleep on Saturday!


Congratulations go to Akhilesh, who received his bronze foil award.

Kick Boxing:

Joe received his brown belt having demonstrated a particularly breath-taking kick in front of the whole school.


Three of our boys who play rugby at Moderns RUFC brought their trophies and medals into school, following a recent presentation evening. Will received U11 Player of the Year, Anthony U9 most improved player and Takura medals from the recent NLD completion at Derby.


William brought in his certificate, presented by West Bridgford Tennis Club for being the most improved player in his coaching class. Definitely something to be proud of William!

The Olympic Award goes to George for putting himself forward for the 800m in last night’s athletics fixture against QEGS Wakefield-brilliant!

Student of the Week went to Herbie his strength of character during SATS week.

Achievement Assembly-11th May


We started this week’s assembly on a similar theme to last week! Our Year 6 boys were victorious in the Nottingham City’s Football Competition at Nottingham Forest’s Football Ground last night.

We won our semi-final on penalties 3-2 and the final 2-0. You can watch the highlights of the match on the video below, which has been brilliantly prepared by our goalkeeper Adam.

Following on from last week’s nail biting finish to the match against St Edmund Campion (3-3 after extra time, 4-2 on penalties); we are now through to the Nottingham County’s Semi-Final.  With a home fixture guaranteed we wish our boys all the very best of luck in the next round of the competition.


It looks as though we may need to purchase a bigger trophy cabinet! Our Junior Band and Orchestra brought back the Parker Cup from the 2012 Derby Arts Festival having wowed the adjudicator with their splendid rendition of ‘Rigaudon’ Purcell and ‘Big Mac March’ Ian McKenzie.

This is the second year in a row that our musicians have won this particular event and we are all looking forward to them playing next Friday in front of the whole school.

Oliver received his Grade 4 (merit) ABRSM examination for his cello. Well done!


Congratulations go to Taylor, who played particularly well in the recent East Midland’s Grand Prix meet. He received two trophies, one for winning the first session and probably the most impressive, a trophy for the overall competition.


Unfortunately all our fixtures against Foremarke were rained off. We did manage a few overs, but unfortunately the weather got the better of us.


Congratulations go to Joe and Adnan in reaching 50 reading points; Rohan, Daniel 100 points; and Akhilesh and Oliver 400 points.


The following boys were presented with a range of certificates for learning their times tables:


Sahrin, Jithin, Alex, Imran and Aadam received their Golden Mathletics certificates.

The Olympic Award this week went to Joseph for his supersonic swim in the Inter House Swimming Gala. On the last leg of the Year 3 relay, Joseph started in 4th place, half a length behind, but managed to clinch 2nd place. Well done!

Student of the Week went to Oliver for consistently demonstrating a positive attitude during chess coaching.

And finally…

Following my assembly the other day on the initiative led by the National Trust  ’50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ , a number of boys have asked for further details.

If you like having fun (and ticking things off lists) then please click the following link:

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about the 11 ¾ tag, as you can work through the list at any age. At 21 ¾ I only have one item yet to do (49-find a geocache), with my personal favourite being 37-Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool.

Have a good weekend whatever numbers you get to tick off!

Lovell Land newspaper

Lovell Land has officially opened! There are lots of things to do in Lovell Land.  There are six different places. We have the newspaper, the cafe, the garden centre, the post office, the libary and the garage.

In the newspaper group we report about what is happening in Lovell Land.  The cafe is next door to the newspaper where they are enjoying their food and drink.

Ptolemy found out in the libary, boys are making a giant Lola from the Charlie and Lola stories.  In the garage, boys are cleaning bikes by using soapy water and in the garden centre, potatoes are being planted.

Andrew and Jacob reported that the boys think Lovell Land is fantastic!

Vijay and Jack discovered that in the cafe they are using chopstikcs to try and pick up raisens and eat them!  It looked really tricky!

Joshua found out that in the garden centre, onions are being grown! Also, bikes are being cleaned in the garage.

Finn, Tom, Rui and Luca interviewed some boys. Here is one of those interview from the cafe.

Achievement Assembly Friday 4th May

The boys entered the Junior Hall this morning to Queen’s ‘We are the champions’, as Nottingham High Junior School are officially the U11 Nottingham City Football Champions 2012.

Our U11 squad consisting of Harvey, Adam, Will, Theo, Luke, Ralph, Daniel, Will and Herbie were magnificent, beating Whitemoor 2-1 in a thrilling final on Wednesday evening at Nottingham Forest’s training ground.

Well done boys and of course Mr Simpson.

Good luck for this afternoon’s match in the Nottingham County’s Quarter Final match-weather permitting!

Following on from our impressive performance at the IAPS National Finals, NHJS are proud to announce that we have three England chess players in our ranks. Taylor, Hari and John all qualified for the squad last weekend in Liverpool.

Donald, James, Sahrin and Karam are all also eligible to play at least two games for the England squad.


Gurvir and Sacheth in Year 6 have made it through to the final selection process for the County U11 Representative team 2012. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that you make it through to the final 13 boys. Good Luck!

Mr Harrison (teacher i/c Senior swimming) organised a ‘Swimathon’ event at NHS on Sunday 30th April, as part of the national fundraising event for Marie Curie Cancer and Sport Relief.

Three Year 6 boys took part – Matthew and Ralph swimming 5km and Luke swimming 2.5km.
Matthew 5km 01:43:09
Ralph 5km 01:48:50
Luke 2.5km 01:00:55

They all performed magnificently and based on this performance, Mr Harrison is looking forward to having the three of them in the Senior School in September!

Junior Memory Championship
The following boys were awarded certificates in the following categories:
Bronze Award:
Ralph, Luke, Sahrin, Donald & James
Silver Award:
Ben, Jithin, Matthew, & Sacheth
Gold Award:
Will and Gurvir (National Finalist)

Congratulations go to Toby and Adam in reaching 50 reading points; Rohan, Viraj and George 100 points; and Rohan 400 points.

Thomas, Oliver, Zain, David, Euan and Harry were presented with a range of certificates for learning their times tables:

Toby, George, Harry, Ronnie, Anand, Harry, Joshua and Hugo received their Golden Mathletics certificates.

Congratulations also go to 4S who were the first form in the whole school to achieve a 100% record of everyone achieving a gold award. As an extra treat the boys all had extra playtime this morning. Thank goodness it didn’t rain!

The Olympic Award this week went to Herbie for his heroic performance in defence during the U11 Nottingham City Football Final on Wednesday.

Student of the Week went to Archie for his fantastic Geography project.