Friday 3rd February

We were delighted to have Mr Fear, Senior School Headmaster present our awards and certificates during our achievement assembly this week.

Mr Fear announced the fantastic news at the end of proceedings that all of our Year 6 boys passed the Senior School entrance examination-congratulations boys!

Mr Fear also announced that the following seven boys had achieved academic scholarships: Sahrin, Sacheth, Ben, Oliver, Jithin, Hari and Bilal.

A special mention must of course go to all the teachers who helped our boys achieve exceptional results this year-thank you one and all.

The following boys received reading certificates and a book token:

Well done to the following boys in receiving their various mathematics certificates:

This week also marked the first batch of boys to achieve the coveted Golden Mathletics Certificates-well done boys. I’m sure Mr Fear was very impressed!

Oliver received the Olympic Award this week for being the Year 5 man of the tournament at Bradford:

The Student of the Week was Skye, for his authentic Spanish Armada diary:

Sporting Achievements:

Bradford Rugby Tournament:

Commiserations go to our boys who came away from the tournament empty handed, but nonetheless in good spirits!

Year 3-Played 4, drew 1 and lost 3

Year 4-Played 4, won 1, drew 1 and lost 2

Year 5-Played 4, lost 4

Year 6-Played 4, lost 4

Mrs Whittamore’s Report from the IAPS Swimming regional rounds held at Leicester:

On Wednesday 1st February, I was proud to take four under 11 swimmers and five under 10 swimmers to the regional rounds of a national swimming competition for independent schools. This was held at Leicester Grammar school.

The boys were very excited about participating and even more so when it was announced that 4,500 swimmers take part in the national IAPS competition (not all at once!!)-that’s 300 schools which take part in 35 regional rounds up and down the country between January and March.

The boys knew it was all to swim for-similar to time trials for a huge competition. There were seven schools at the Leicester regional round-The Elms, Birkdale, Stamford, Brook, Foremarke, Fairfield and us, making for a super atmosphere.

The gala commenced with the Freestyle relay teams in which our u10s came second with a time of 1.14.82 and then the u11s came storming into first place with a time of 1.09.44. Next it was the individuals-

Name                                     Event                         Time                           Position in heat

John U 10 25m   Backstroke 24.58 secs 4th
Archie U10 25m   Freestyle 17.97 1st
Sammy U10 25m   Breaststroke 22.51 1st
Mark U10 25m   Butterfly 22.57 3rd
Ralph U11 50m   Butterfly 19.14 1st
Luke U11 50m   Backstroke 51.72 3rd
Matthew U11 50m   Freestyle 35.73 1st
James U11 50m   Breaststroke 45.82 1st

The gala then finished with the Medley relays-our U10 team came 3rd with a time of 1.34.23 and the U11s came 1st with a super time of 1.24.54.




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