Friday 20th January

It was definitely a good decision to start our achievement assembly early this week as we had lots of boys up to the front to receive numerous awards!

Probably the most satisfying part was to see so many boys receiving their bronze certificates in attaining 300 housepoints thus far. Congratulations go to Ben (Ball’s House), who received his silver certificate for 500 housepoints.

Here are the photographs from the four Houses:

Ball’s House

Bronze Certificate Holders

Hardy’s House

Tonkin’s House

Trease’s House

Back into more familiar territory, here follows the review of today’s achievement assembly:

Student of the Week:

Dhruv who always has a positive outlook.

Olympic Award:

Eduardo for his excellent basketball skills.

The following boys received reading awards today:

Mathematics certificates were presented to the following boys:

Congratulations to Arjun, Will, Dan & Mr E who all received their ABSRM certificates.

(Mr E. is actually holding Skye’s certificate in his absence!)

Sporting Results

Wednesday 18th January-Swimming

Mrs Whittamore’s report:

On Wednesday 18th January, 26 boys from Nottingham High Junior School travelled to Warwick Preparatory School for the first away fixture of the season. Boys had been selected from the Swimming Squad who meet every Tuesday and some (particularly Under 9s) were representing the school for the first time. The boys were restricted and could only swim in a maximum of two individual events and two relays. We knew the competition was going to be tough.

The gala commenced with the Freestyle relays and the u10s were the first team to get a win under their belts. Next came the individual events where each every boy swam superbly, many coming first and Ralph gained a personal best in 25m Butterfly with a time of 18.08.

Scores were announced half way through the gala: NHJS 96 Warwick 90, so everything to swim for! The gala finished off with Medley relays and a Canon relay which involved two swimmers from each age group in a 6x25m relay.  We knew it was going to be close; the final scores were: NHJS 177 Warwick 150-a superb win all round!

What was really noticeable was how strong the B and C team swimmers were-they were up there with the A team swimmers and made a huge difference to the scores-a fantastic team effort boys-well done!

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