Fossils found at Lovell House!

Year 2 became paleontologists for the morning and were  investigating fossils found in the Nottinghamshire Area!  Jules Howard came to visit Year 2 to talk about fossils and dinosaurs.  The boys had a wonderful time and were completely engaged with his exciting activities and interesting facts.

They started off by learning how a fossil is formed and then went to work in groups to find fossils amongst trays of pebbles using magnifying glasses which was fascinating and the boys found many different forms of fossils.  Jules was then able to take the fossils and show the boys what dinosaurs would have looked like during the Jurassic period.  The boys then had the opportunity to handle ambers from Madagascar which were 2 million years old and see if they could find the objects within it which told scientists about the habitats at the time.  He had a huge range of fossils for the boys to explore from teeth to pieces of backbone to dinosaur eggs and poo!

We finished with a question and answer session and Jules was very impressed with the Year Two’s knowledge and Mrs Williams was able to find out why we can’t call a Pteradactyl a dinosaur. If you want to know too, please ask!

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