Year 1 Nature Tally!

Year 1 boys walking through the park
Year 1 boys enjoying the park

Today the Year 1 boys enjoyed a visit to The Arboretum Park, where we hoped to spot some British wildlife. Firstly, the boys thought about which animals we would be likely to see on our trip. Some of their suggestions were very optimistic!

On our journey around the park we kept a tally of every animal we saw, recording each of the animals on our list. The boys had a hard time recording the amount of birds that were flying about!

We were lucky enough to see some colourful and exotic birds in the Park bird cages, which we quickly marked down. Although we waited patiently, we weren’t fortunate enough to witness the huge turtle which is rumoured to live in the lake!

It was a lovely, crisp afternoon of learning outside, and we look forward to using our data in the classroom.

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