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Friday 27th January 2012

The boys have enjoyed a slightly shorter week with our Entrance Examinations for the Senior School (Year 7) on Saturday and Junior School (Year 3-6) on Monday. Nevertheless, we have managed to pack quite a lot into a relatively short period of time!

The following boys received reading certificates, book marks and a book token to reward their endeavours in the world of fiction and non-fiction:

Well done to the following boys in attaining their 12×12 certificates:

James received the Olympic Award this week for his creative
and enthusiastic approach in the recent ‘Movement to Music’ unit of work:

The Student of the Week was James, for an outstanding act of kindness:

Sporting Achievements:

Well done the  U9 & U11 Cross Country Teams who came first in each age range at the Highfields Autumn Cross-Country Meet!

Individual Results:


1st Sammy

5th Ben

6th Yousef

10th Oliver

15th Joshua

17th Harry

19th Alex

23rd Sam

U11 Individual Results

3rd Ralph Wills

5th Sebby Gould

7th Will

9th Theo

12th Ben

13th James

19th Max

20th James

And Finally…

As of 7:00AM (GMT) 20th January 2012, Bryony Balen became the youngest Britain to
ski to the Geographic South Pole from the Hercules Inlet! Overall Bryony and
the team have skied 1134.9km (705miles) over a period of 56 days. The journey
took her across the planets coldest continent, where temperatures reached as
low as -45°C (-49°F) and facing the daily struggle of high winds, white-outs,
sastrugi, and an almost permanent uphill climb!

In the last two days of the expedition the team trekked 67km, a
huge push to get there just a little sooner! Bryony slept after the long days (and nights)skiing, followed by a visit to the centre and the pole marker before heading back to
the Union Glacier Base (via aeroplane) at 4PM (GMT).

Naturally, she is ecstatic!

Congratulations Bryony and a big  thumbs up from all of our boys!

Friday 20th January

It was definitely a good decision to start our achievement assembly early this week as we had lots of boys up to the front to receive numerous awards!

Probably the most satisfying part was to see so many boys receiving their bronze certificates in attaining 300 housepoints thus far. Congratulations go to Ben (Ball’s House), who received his silver certificate for 500 housepoints.

Here are the photographs from the four Houses:

Ball’s House

Bronze Certificate Holders

Hardy’s House

Tonkin’s House

Trease’s House

Back into more familiar territory, here follows the review of today’s achievement assembly:

Student of the Week:

Dhruv who always has a positive outlook.

Olympic Award:

Eduardo for his excellent basketball skills.

The following boys received reading awards today:

Mathematics certificates were presented to the following boys:

Congratulations to Arjun, Will, Dan & Mr E who all received their ABSRM certificates.

(Mr E. is actually holding Skye’s certificate in his absence!)

Sporting Results

Wednesday 18th January-Swimming

Mrs Whittamore’s report:

On Wednesday 18th January, 26 boys from Nottingham High Junior School travelled to Warwick Preparatory School for the first away fixture of the season. Boys had been selected from the Swimming Squad who meet every Tuesday and some (particularly Under 9s) were representing the school for the first time. The boys were restricted and could only swim in a maximum of two individual events and two relays. We knew the competition was going to be tough.

The gala commenced with the Freestyle relays and the u10s were the first team to get a win under their belts. Next came the individual events where each every boy swam superbly, many coming first and Ralph gained a personal best in 25m Butterfly with a time of 18.08.

Scores were announced half way through the gala: NHJS 96 Warwick 90, so everything to swim for! The gala finished off with Medley relays and a Canon relay which involved two swimmers from each age group in a 6x25m relay.  We knew it was going to be close; the final scores were: NHJS 177 Warwick 150-a superb win all round!

What was really noticeable was how strong the B and C team swimmers were-they were up there with the A team swimmers and made a huge difference to the scores-a fantastic team effort boys-well done!

Fossils found at Lovell House!

Year 2 became paleontologists for the morning and were  investigating fossils found in the Nottinghamshire Area!  Jules Howard came to visit Year 2 to talk about fossils and dinosaurs.  The boys had a wonderful time and were completely engaged with his exciting activities and interesting facts.

They started off by learning how a fossil is formed and then went to work in groups to find fossils amongst trays of pebbles using magnifying glasses which was fascinating and the boys found many different forms of fossils.  Jules was then able to take the fossils and show the boys what dinosaurs would have looked like during the Jurassic period.  The boys then had the opportunity to handle ambers from Madagascar which were 2 million years old and see if they could find the objects within it which told scientists about the habitats at the time.  He had a huge range of fossils for the boys to explore from teeth to pieces of backbone to dinosaur eggs and poo!

We finished with a question and answer session and Jules was very impressed with the Year Two’s knowledge and Mrs Williams was able to find out why we can’t call a Pteradactyl a dinosaur. If you want to know too, please ask!

Year 1 Nature Tally!

Year 1 boys walking through the park
Year 1 boys enjoying the park

Today the Year 1 boys enjoyed a visit to The Arboretum Park, where we hoped to spot some British wildlife. Firstly, the boys thought about which animals we would be likely to see on our trip. Some of their suggestions were very optimistic!

On our journey around the park we kept a tally of every animal we saw, recording each of the animals on our list. The boys had a hard time recording the amount of birds that were flying about!

We were lucky enough to see some colourful and exotic birds in the Park bird cages, which we quickly marked down. Although we waited patiently, we weren’t fortunate enough to witness the huge turtle which is rumoured to live in the lake!

It was a lovely, crisp afternoon of learning outside, and we look forward to using our data in the classroom.

Friday 13th January 2012

Thankfully today’s Achievement Assembly proved that the boys had tried really hard to put our ‘can do’ theme into effect-despite the ominous date!

We had a lot to celebrate today, namely:

Student of the Week:

Rohan for being extremely kind and considerate.

Olympic Award:

Will for his contribution to all aspects of competitive sport at NHJS.

Mathematic Certificates were presented to the boys pictured below:

And finally, well done to the boys pictured below for their recent success in the ABRSM musical examinations: