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HOLA from Lovell!

All the boys in Lovell House are learning Spanish with Miss Walster. Reception have been learning how to introduce themselves and Year 2 have been learning how to talk about their pets.

The Lovell Squirrel gets blogging!

Every week a boy in each class receives a Lovell Squirrel for something they have achieved.  This could be from listening to their teacher carefully to playing nicely with other boys at breaktimes.  When the boys take the squirrel home, they write about what they have done over the weekend in a special book and take some photos to go with it…sometimes the squirrel is a bit naughty!!

Last week, Edwin in 2M wrote his very own blog about his weekend with the squirrel – they had a great time together!  Click on the link to see what they got up to.

Friday 2nd December

Student of the Week:

Ben for his exhilarating Winter House Story.


Olympic Award:

Kasim for his superb gymnastic display, being one of only five boys out of the Year 5 cohort, to score full marks in the recent assessment.


The following boys received reading certificates today:

The following boys were presented with various mathematics certificates during our achievement assembly:

Last week, our Year 6 boys, along with some of Year 5’s took part in the Primary Math’s Challenge. The boys did exceptionally well and were presented with bronze, silver and gold certificates.

Bronze Certificates (16 & 17 out of 25)

Silver Certificates (18, 19 & 20 out of 25)

Gold Certificates (21 & 22 out of 25)

During this week, the boys were asked to create their own toy for the next Toy Story (4) movie. The winners from each form are pictured below:

Having created a new toy, the boys had to devise a story board, depicting the main parts from Toy Story 4. Well done to the boys pictured below:

Sports Results from the previous week:

Friday 25th
November Football vs. The Elms

U11A: Won 3-3

U11B: Won 2-1

U10A: Lost 4-2

U10B: Won 2-1

U9: Lost 3-0

U8: Lost 1-0