25th November

Student of the Week:

George-for settling brilliantly into Year 5.


Olympic Award:

Dillon-for his performance during the Year 3 cross country trial

The following boys were presented with various mathematics certificates during our achievement assembly:
And the following boys received reading certificates and book tokens:
Joseph, Reeshav, David & Joe
Sports Results from the previous week:
Friday 18th November-U11 Football vs. Bentinck: Drew 3-3
(Rematch Friday 2nd @ Valley Road, 2.30pm)
Monday 21st November-House Football: Winners Ball’s House
Wednesday 23rd November-U11 Football vs. Jesse Gray: Won 3-1

1st Round Robin NPS Chess Assoc. Autumn Term Competition

NHJS Chess A team

vs. NHJS B won 5.5-2.5

vs. Bramcote drew 4-4

vs. Round Hills won 7-1

vs. Fernwood won 6-2

1st place overall with 22.5 points

NHJS Chess B team

vs. NHJS A lost 2.5-5.5

vs. Fernwood lost 3.5-4.5

vs. Bramcote won 4.5-3.5

vs. Round Hills won 7-1

3rd place overall with 17.5 points

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