‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello…

This week the boys at Lovell House were visited by two friendly policemen. The boys listened to an assembly by the officers, during which some of them were able to try on the heavy vest and hat that make up their uniform!

Throughout the day, each class was given the opportunity to explore a working police car- they loved the turning the flashing lights on and listening to the siren. By the end of the day, the boys had developed a better awareness of the job of a policeman and, importantly, of how to stay safe when they are out and about. The officers talked to the boys in particular about the importance of staying safe when enjoying busy autumn events such as the Goose Fair and Bonfire Night.

Both the boys and the staff really enjoyed the officers’ visit and would like to thank them for giving up their time.

Here’s what some of the boys had to say about the day-

“We sat in the Police car, it had sirens, it was fantastic” – Rayan, 1S

“I enjoyed putting the Policeman’s equipment on” – Rui, 2M

“I tried the Policeman’s hat on, it was heavy!” – Orlando,1S

“I like pressing the lights in the Police car” – Alexander, 2M