Blogtor Who

Yesterday, Year 2 went all the way to the Olympia in Kensington, London to the Doctor Who Experience as part of their Doctor Who literacy lessons. We had a very early start and travelled for 3 and a half hours (there and back!!) and finally saw that the TARDIS had crashed landed outside. The boys helped save the Doctor who was trapped in the Pandorica by flying the TARDIS to him. On their journey they met the Daleks who were ready to "EXTERMINATE!" but they escaped just in time to defeat monsters in an amazing 3D show where Weeping Angels, Daleks and Cybermen were literally coming out of the screen!

The boys had a fantastic time seeing all the different costumes that the 11 Doctors have worn over the years, walked onto the set of the TARDIS from the David Tennant era, met many enemies of the Doctor including The Silence, saw who his companions were over the years and even learnt how to walk like a Scarecrow and Cyberman! A great day was had by all (even parents!) and was an experience they will never forget!

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