Blast Off!

We’ve been to the planets, we’ve been to the stars, we’ve journeyed to Jupiter, and we’ve journeyed to Mars! Well not quite… but the Reception boys certainly went on a fantastic journey to the National Space Centre, last week!

Today’s boys could be the astronomers of tomorrow. So we adventured through the six hands-on galleries, and travelled in a glass lift to the top of the high Rocket Tower. We watched an interactive ‘Night and Day’ show in the domed Space Theatre, and discovered a piece of real moon rock!

After an exhausting mission, some of us fell asleep on the bus back to school… dreaming of space memories we will keep forever.

Thank you to all the grown-ups who joined our ‘Space Crew’ for the day. And well done boys for being so well behaved.

Next stop is N.A.S.A…. here we come! To infinity and beyond!!!