Celebrating Green Britain Day!

Year 1 boys observing the plants in the school grounds.

Our Year 1 boys have already begun celebrating ‘Green Britain Day’, which will be on 18th May this year (http://www.teamgreenbritain.org/greenbritainday).

Across the country, schools will be learning about green initiatives and celebrating the energy saving steps they have taken. At Lovell House the staff and boys recycle paper from every classroom, as well as useful items like batteries and bottle tops. Over the summer term the boys will be learning more about energy saving, renewable energy and recycling in the classroom.

Today, 1S thought about the plants and trees around us and how important they are to us. We looked at just some of the many food products we produce from plants and thought about how many things in our classroom came from trees.

We enjoyed spending time in the school grounds, writing words to describe the plants we saw. The boys then wrote their own poems about a growing seed.