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Lovell House Spring Fayre

The Spring sunshine shone on our  Spring Fayre on Sunday.  Thank you to all the parents who organised the stalls and  served teas and coffees all afternoon with the homemade cakes.  The children decorated eggs with sequins and ribbons and made wooden spoon characters.  There was a treasure hunt outside in the school grounds and the chicks were there as well.

Congratulations to all the prize winners:  Guessing how many eggs were in a jar, Pinning  the tail on the Bunny, naming of the Easter bunny and of course the amazing raffle prizes.  (By Anne Cummings)

Thank you to Bruno Monginoux /  and Kiril Kapustin for the photos.

15 chicks and counting…

Today we have 15 chicks and counting. The boys have seen some of the chicks emerging from their shells which has been so exciting. The chicks that were born overnight have been cuddled by the boys and talked and sung to. The poor chicks are now having a sleep in the Pod while our boys are having lunch. This afternoon we will move some of them to the cage where they can run around.

Look out for pictures in the Nottingham Evening Post. (Posted by A Cummings)

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Fun chicken activities for home.

Here are some fun activities you can do at home.

Chicken in a Shell
Cut a large oval egg form wall paper or white paper. Draw jagged line across half of egg and cut. If white paper is used, it should be decorated. Make a chick’s head out of yellow or white construction paper. Colour beak and eyes black. Paste chick to the bottom half of egg shell. Fasten top and bottom shell together with paper fastener so top half of shell can be moved to reveal chick.

Chick Mask

This chick mask combines painting, cutting out and sticking – and offers play value too!

Look at this link for more fun egg and Easter activities.